10 Fantastic DIY Christmas Nail Art Designs

christmas nail design 10 Fantastic DIY Christmas Nail Art Designs

this season to drink and be merry, eat and be jolly, and Christmas-ify your home and yourself. Coordinating your outfit for your Christmas dinner (or lunch) to match the traditional red and green colors may seem a bit on the too much side – sure, it’s cute for kids, but adults? Not so much anymore. So instead of risking looking a little too costumey (unless you are actually wearing a costume), why not rather opt for themed nails? That way, when you’re complimented on your gorgeous nails, you’ll have the opportunity to shout “Nailed it!” (Oh yes, pun intended)

1. Red and Green Glitter

1 glittery nail art christmas 10 Fantastic DIY Christmas Nail Art Designs

You don’t have to be too obvious with the red-and-green combo, so a few glitter flakes on a white or beige base could be the perfect touch. If you can’t find the two colors in one bottle, just get one of each and combine.


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