March 4, 2021
10 FREE Mac App Store Gems

10 FREE Mac App Store Gems

10 FREE Mac App Store Gems

10 FREE Mac App Store Gems

Where else can you find cool Mac App other than the Mac App Store? Let’s look at the coolest gems which are available free of cost in the Mac App Store.

Format Match

If copy and paste from once source to another is your constant requirement, Format Match is the best app for you to solve the problems related to formatting.


ClamXav is free software that is available for Mac OS X users. It has the capability to detect windows and Mac Threats.


HiddenMe is a free app which lets you hide all the Desktop icons just with a click button. It works as a meny bar app and lets you access it whenever you need it.


It is a all in one player that can just do anything. It gives an option of clear and smooth playback.


It lets you search for a contact instantly. You can also email contacts individually, message them and many more.

Smart Converter

If you are confused with the media file formats download Smart Converter free of cost. It can easily and quickly convert MP4 video and MP3 Audio with just drag and drop option.


unDonk app helps you get rid of the annoyance of ejecting the external drives every time. It creates an icon to the menu bar and when you click on it, it ejects all the attached USB.

Who Is On My WiFi

Like the name suggest, this free app tell you which devices are connected to your WiFi connection.

Battery Health

The Battery Health is a free app that can give you every minute detail about the original capacity and current capacity, no of charge cycles and the health of your battery.

The Unarchiver

It supports most kinds of compressed file types like RAR, Stuffit and 7-Zip. The free is extremely necessary for a new Mac.


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