March 2, 2021
iPhone Apps New

10 paid iPhone apps on sale for FREE for a limited time

10 paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time

iPhone Apps New

Are you searching for new free apps on iPhone ?? Here are the best free apps that are offering for no price these days. Usually these apps were paid apps , but now the services offering for free for a limited time. Users of iPhone, iPad, MAC can make use of this opportunity and install these apps for no price. These are the most useful apps for usage and worth to download. The free apps supports all gadgets and all versions of ios. And also easily accessible from iTunes.

Reader+ for Gmail

Normally $1.99.

Reader for Gmail™ is an application that checks your Gmail for messages and understands them resoundingly to you. It utilizes a recognizable sound playback interface that permits you to effectively pick the message(s) you need to hear and respite or re-begin the sound playback.

Sound playback can keep running out of sight, making this application perfect for getting got up to speed with your Gmail messages in the event that you are out and about, out for a walk, or hustling through an occupied airplane terminal.

Not at all like some other email applications that have sound capacity, Reader for Gmail does some sifting of content preceding performing the sound playback work so that long web locations, strings of long numbers, organizing codes, and so forth are by and large abstained from, making for a more regular listening background.


Normally $2.99

Ok thought for that melody you’re composing ? Scribble it down rapidly. Need to make a lyric about that beautiful blossom or simply need to scribble down your musings ?

Notas makes note taking quick, effortlessly available and straightforward. The instinctive outline makes it truly simple to scribble something down.

  • Easy utilize straightforward/useful configuration to take notes
  • Make envelopes to store your notes in.
  • Organize your envelopes with shading codes.
  • Search all notes to discover your data later.
  • Keep your notes safe with password and/or touchID.
  • Order/sort your notes by:

– sequential

– most recent made

– most recent changed

Refly Keyboard

Normally $0.99.

This is another approach to send a speedy reaction message!

REFLY is a console application with custom snappy keys to send preset, ordinarily utilized messages. You can tweak singular regular messages ( e.g. “Hey, What’s up.” “I’m headed.” “Call you later.” ) you need to content or send by means of email.

Spare time on writing when you are occupied with, driving or simply don’t crave writing the same sentences over and over.

In the event that you every now and again discover yourself writing out the same pet expressions on your telephone when messaging then point your fingers at this new console.


  •  Type an instant message with only one tap
  • 20 adjustable keys
  • Customize symbol, content and position for every key
  •  40 symbols
  • 12 Beautiful topics
  • Send your area to others with a connection

The most effective method to INSTALL KEYBOARD

  1. Open your iPhone Settings > General
  2. Go to Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard
  3. Tap ” ReflyKeyboard – Refly ” and Allow full Access

Analog Tokyo

Normally $0.99.

Analog Tokyo is the second application of Analog Film City Series

Recently created particular 10 photographic channels in Tokyo

You can make your photograph of Tokyo feel

Furthermore, Analog Tokyo Filter Preset for Adobe Lightroom Coming Soon

Extraordinary because of Photographic artist Kenta Ohsugi


  • – Exposure
  • – Brightness
  • – Contrast
  • – Saturation
  • – Vignette
  • – Film Grain Texture
  • – Rotate & Flip
  • – Sharpen
  • – Temperature
  • – Highlights
  • – Shadows
  • – Dusted & Scratched Textures
  •  PRESERVE Data
  • – Exif Data
  • – GPS Data
  • – Instagram
  • – Sina Weibo
  • – Twitter
  • – Facebook
  • – Tumblr
  • – Email

Tag your photographs on Instagram with #AnalogFilm

IronBox Passwords

Normally $4.99

IronBox Passwords transforms Dropbox into your own secret key vault. This application helps keep your passwords safe utilizing the Dropbox administration that you know and affection.

Center Benefits:

– Keeps your passwords sync’d over every one of your gadgets without lifting a finger

– Convenient access to every one of your passwords safely with Apple TouchID on bolstered gadgets

– Your passwords are kept scrambled at all times so just you (not even IronBox or Dropbox) can get to them

– Conveniently impart passwords safely to content informing

– Integrates consistently with your Dropbox record, nothing but the same old thing new to setup


Normally $2.99

Lenka is an astoundingly straightforward yet capable, devoted dark & white camera application grew in France by incredibly famous photographic artist Kevin Abosch ( for experts & beginners alike, to make delightful dark & white photos. Lenka is enhanced for utilization with an iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus — For most noteworthy picture quality, we propose utilizing these gadgets with iOS 8.1 introduced.


  • – Realtime “What you see is the thing that you get” review as you shoot.
  • – Pinch screen to change from rectangular “full edge” configuration to square organization.
  • – Automatic center or Manual Focus. (Manual Focus just accessible with iOS8)
  • – Adjust introduction physically with control slider.
  • – Adjust stand out physically from control slider.
  • – Subtle cooler/hotter Temperature Tint control slider.
  • – Option to take photograph by squeezing volume catches.
  • – Edit photographs (product/turn) and offer through email or detachment and to Facebook and Twitter.
  • – Export photographs to Instagram! (Must have Instagram on your gadget for this component)
  • – Tap the light symbol to enlighten your subjects with steady light (not streak)

Lenka does not take into consideration streak photography or the utilization of your front confronting camera. These are inventive choices which identify with our aesthetic theory.


Normally $1.99.

SnapEntry is a quick and basic application for including Evernote notes. One tap to open, one tap to send. Rapidly include Evernote updates, checkboxes, shots, dates, times, labels and select journals. Connect different photographs per note.

Content altering helped with Clear/Undo/Redo and auto-save. Extra signals help moving cursor and fix/re-try. Numerous topics decisions.


  • – Send your notes to Evernote rapidly. Console is up of course.
  • – List sent and draft notes.
  • – Auto-chronicle sent notes.
  • – Evernote Reminders.
  • – Take and Attach different photographs per note.
  • – Insert checkboxes, projectiles, timestamps.
  • – Theme decisions.
  • – Location support.
  • – TextExpander support.
  • – Create Evernote scratch pad/labels set up.
  • – Queue posts when logged off.
  • – Gestures: “Fix” and “Re-try” with a two-finger swipe; move cursor with one finger swipe; Close/Open console with one finger swipe.
  • – Font size alternatives.
  • – Hardware console support.
  • – Background sending.


Normally $0.99.

Got2Doo is a little helper for your daily planning. Simple and efficient!

The best 99 cents you have ever spent!


Normally $0.99

Loop is the best music player for the iPhone.

Natural interface, key capacities, exquisite subject will fulfill you.


  • – tap or swipe to change tunes
  • – tweak volume
  • – menu: playlists, specialists, collections, melodies
  • – the briefest route for craftsman’s collections


  • – tap focus catch to play or interruption music
  • – swipe focus left/right to change music (past/next)
  • – swipe focus up to go to menu
  • – long tap focus catch to change play mode (rehash/mix)


Normally $1.99.

Can’t center? Concentrate with SoundShade – lovely sounds to supplant the diverting commotions around you.

Look over a current layout or make your own particular SoundShade by openly joining any of the 26 included sounds (Available as In-App Purchase). This special application permits you to practically put the sounds in your environment.

We prescribe earphones for the genuine encompass sound experience yet the application can likewise be utilized without them.

All that you hear in SoundShade has been precisely high quality taking into account the current research about the impact of commotion on work execution, for example, perusing, composition and numeric undertakings. This makes for smooth listening permitting you to work serenely and be less exhausted when listening to the sounds you pick.


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