10 Things Girls With Perfect Nails Do Every Day

Nail Care

Whether you’re the type of girl who always has her nails painted, or you prefer a more natural look, polished hands let the world know you’re a total power girl. But you don’t need to save up for weekly manis or be ambidextrous to rock flawless nails on the reg. Pay attention to these pro tips to learn the secrets of girls who have nails on fleek every single day.

​1. They keep their nails clean

Just like you wash your face every day, you should clean under your nails every day, too. “Even if you’re wearing black nail polish, you need your nails to be clean for optimal growth and strength,” says celeb manicurist Geraldine Holford​, who works with Selena Gomez and Lauren Conrad. “You can use a nail brush and just soap and water.”