May 6, 2021
10 Ways to Keep you Fit Without Exercise

10 Ways to Weight Loss Without Exercise

10 Ways to Weight Loss Without Exercise

10 Ways to Keep you Fit Without Exercise

One who want to lead healthy life and to be in within weight they have to do diet following with exercises and if you want to maintain your weight and in these busy life no one getting  time for exercises , you can do much more exercises without any extra time. You can do it with regular daily activities. Here we are providing some tips how to follow and keep your body fit without exercises. Try to follow some tips regularly with some patience and you need to change your way of living.

Try these steps without any hard work doing instead of exercises.

1. Do Home Exercises

Your homework is somewhat exercise for your body. Do gardening, washing car and cleaning of your house. These type of work you will do regularly and do same with full of interest and enjoy. You don’t feel bored at the same time you can utilize your time.

2. Shopping

Enjoying your shopping following with some tips use stairs instead of lift and if you are going to super market  use steps to carry your luggage instead of trolley.

3. Walking

Walking plays main role in your weight loss program you can enjoy your walking and forget all the things just concentrate and start your day with walking, try to walk fast and keep certain kilometers, it is better to do in early morning you don’t feel any disturbance.

4. Different Activities

You have so many ways to lose your weight with not only complete hard exercises or regular diet. If you likes dancing keep some DVD or cd having full masthi song or high beat song and enjoy with full josh of dance, dance is also another activity which makes you fit.

5. Skip Some Daily Activities

If you are going to shopping try to go by walk and get down before two stops, instead of lift try to go by walk these activities make you to do more work out in your daily actives and don’t even need you spend much time on it .

6. Water in Your Diet

Water makes you lose weight completely and daily taking 4lt of the waters makes you to keep the doctor away. Take water before meal and after a meal, it makes your stomach full. It eliminates all waste content from your body.

7. Your Body Posture.

If you are working, then maintain perfect posture while sitting on a chair. It is better to sit on swiss ball or you can do exercises using a  swiss ball. While  sitting on chair try to sit to activate your shoulders, muscles and there must air gap between thigs.

8. Simple Work Outs

You can do simple exercise like tiles flooring cleaning, and work outs in your house.

9. Setting your House

When ever you are free try to adjust or changes in your house like moving sofas, bed and some other things.

10. Fallow Regularly

After reducing your weight, don’t forget everything so that your job is over, keep always in your mind and follow make it as a schedule in your life, get confidence after reducing weight and follow it regularly.


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