June 13, 2021
Nail Art

3 Amazing Nail Art Trends You Need to Try Right Now

3 Amazing Nail Art Trends You Need to Try Right Now

Nail Art

Julie Kandalec, a staple at NYFW and creative director of NYC’s Paintbox Nail Salon, forecasted the future of nail trends.

Let’s talk about nail art — where do you see it going?

During my recent trip to mani-mecca Seoul, I got a glimpse, and it’s all about chic, fuss-free looks. My favorites: linear graphics, tone-on-tone manis (painting a different shade of the same color family on each nail), and wearing two different (but complementary) polish shades on each hand.

What’s next for nail color?

We’re definitely shifting away from chunky glitters and more toward high-sheen opalescent finishes, like crushed pearl and cellophane.

Any groundbreaking treatments we all need to try?

IBX. It’s a two-step pre-mani treatment (about $15) that heals weak nails. The first step fuses keratin into the upper layers of the nail via heat from an LED light. The second is a spot treatment to fix white marks, ridges, and peeling.

If you could invent any nail product, what would it be?

A full-coverage nail form to create perfectly sculpted nails in seconds. It would easily mold into trendy shapes like the stiletto or the square-tip, and you could pop it right into place.

1. Paintbox Nails for the season’s most coveted and curated nail-art designs.

Nail Art Trends


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