June 14, 2021
5 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps That Are All Free Downloads Right Now

5 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps That Are All Free Downloads Right Now

5 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps That Are All Free Downloads Right Now

5 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps That Are All Free Downloads Right Now

Are you looking for paid iPad and iPhone applications. Here is the week full of sale for free. Today we are back with 10 feel good  paid iPhone and iPad apps that are available for free download. Hurry up friends the sale is for a week only. Grab this opportunity and get as many apps you can before the sale gets end. If you are late you will lose some important apps. Below given are some of the apps that were given for free download. Go and grab the apps which are for free sale. Go for it and get it.

  1. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Make your iPhone to Heart Rate Monitor. Each and every individual’s heart rate is different when compared to others. Your heart rate gets increased during any training session or before going to any examination. Do you want know about your heart rate? Do you want to find out how fast is your heart rate? Grab this Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor app for free and monitor about your heart rate. To use this app only one thing you required is an iPhone.

  1. Digits

Being human beings, we will commit errors. So here the calculator which is very your useful to humankind. Digits is kind of app where humans will definitely going to love it. It is user friendly and when you made any mistake in entering any calculation all you need to do is tap on the place where you have entered wrong input and edit it. It can also allow you to insert, copy, edit and more. You can also check all the entries that you have made. Calculations that you have made can be mailed easily and can import them to Excel. A grand total can be done easily with the help of previous calculations with this app.

  1. ACDSee

Take picture from your iPhone and share those photos using ACDSee app. This ACDSee consisting of creative camera, intense photo editor and also a collage maker. This app consists of manual controls, shutter  priority, selfie mode, Real Time Fileters, Real Time Adjustments, Flash modes, Touch Focus and lots more. Grab this app for free and become an innovative photographer.

  1. Bits Diary

You can do blogging and journal in a single application which is nothing but Bits Diary. Continuing with your journal you can send selected entries to your blog directly. The personal entries that have been created by you will remain with you, but the entries that are made public can be shared by your friends. It consists of Tumblr and WordPress Integration, iCloud Synchronization, Mac OS Counterpart.

  1. Live Weather Forecast

This app will let you know about the live weather. This app consisting of many features like you can gather all the details about the climate, wind speed. You can also see animated sunrise if the climate is sunny. You can also check hourly forecast. You can swipe left to right to move between locations.


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