May 13, 2021
6 Simple Ayurvedic Tips To Stay Healthy

6 Simple Ayurvedic Tips To Stay Healthy

6 Simple Ayurvedic Tips To Stay Healthy

6 Simple Ayurvedic Tips To Stay Healthy

  • Give healthy foods a miss:

It is best you avoid eating heavy, spicy food as they lead to water retention, hyper acidity and bloting. Now way days people are there in busy schedule, so that people prefers food which is already prepared for which may be fast food or spicy food like biryani, these are the heavy food items which are having oil quantity is high. So that it is better to avoid these and better to move forward with light food items.

  • Pick cooking oil smartly:

Oils like ghee, olive oil and sunflower oil are better than mustard oil, peanut oil, butter etc. Olive oil is not processed much and hence it is considered healthy. Olive oil reduces the risk of heart diseases because it contains monounsaturated fats. Ghee is good for the body due to  its anti-cholesterol properties. So that ghee using in kitchen is nothing but you are going to improve your health standards and decreasing cholesterol in your body.

  • Exerciseright:

A machine will work well if it is taken care of well and used in proper way, as same as  human body is also the more complicated machine ever designed. The most dangerous part of the body is fat, it causes heart diseases, high blood pleasure, diabetes etc.

Opt for low impact forms of exercise like swimming, yoga, stretching and walking instead, so that you are in safe side form body diseases.

  • Wash fruits and vegetables:

To get the pesticides and dirt off, we should wash the fruits, vegetables before we eat.The excessive moisture tends to help dust and dirt particles attach to the outer surface of the fruit or vegetables, so wash them well. So that it is a symbol of care that you are taking of your family.

  • Bitterness thwarts pitta:

This monsoon, gorge on bitter vegetables like bitter gourd and bitter herbs like neem, fenugreek and turmeric to help keep infection at bay.

  • Indulge in a massage:

A human body affected by massage,either in the way of directly or indirectly. Massage can affect every system of our body virtually. Massage can affects following systems of human body…

  • The muscular system
  • The nervous system
  • Blood Circulation system
  • Urinary system
  • Female reproductive systemetc

Give a simple massage to your body to get relax.

Give yourself a massage with sesame oil at least twice every week.

  • Check your emotions:

People who are in control of their emotions, they are able to handle life’s and build strong relationships, and they are the people to achieve the challenges and recover from setbacks. Don’t be emotional either in bad or good times, be quite and be strong.  Do you know physical health is connected to emotional and mental health. You can control your emotions by following the followed steps…

  • Get enough rest
  • Learn about good nutrition and practice it
  • Exercise to relieve stress and lift your mood
  • Get a dose of sunlight every day and most important
  • Keep anger, irritation, jealousy and ego aside.


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