May 13, 2021
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7 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps on Sale for FREE

7 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps on Sale for FREE for a Limited Time (Save $50)

 iPhone Apps

These area unit paid iPhone and iPad apps that are created offered for complimentary for a restricted time by their developers. there’s no thanks to tell however long they’re going to be free. These sales may finish associate degree hour from currently or per week from currently — clearly, the sole issue we will guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link associate degreed see a value listed next to an app rather than the word “get,” it’s not free. The sale has over. If you transfer the app, you’ll be charged.

  1. AmpliTube

Normally $19.99

Expand your rig for a good value with the final word comprehensive bundles as associate degree in-app purchase: all-in gear bundle 2014 and loop percussionist all vogue packs 1&2. save to 70%!

Turn your iPhone®/iPod touch® into the final word mobile stringed instrument and bass multi-FX processor and jackdaw studio with AmpliTube! Play, follow and record with a colossal assortment of virtual amplifiers, cabinets, stompboxes and additional from the leader in analog gear modeling.

AmpliTube offers you management of a full stringed instrument or bass rig with three effects, an amp, a speaker cupboard and a mic. Sculpt the proper tone with its eleven constitutional stomps (distortion offered once registered), five amps with full controls (clean, crunch, lead, metal and bass), five cabs and a couple of mics

Plug your stringed instrument into AmpliTube via IK’s iRig® HD or iRig® professional digital instrument interfaces (or iRig® or iRig® STOMP). And for the final word enjoying expertise, enter your iRig® BlueBoard to regulate AmpliTube straight from the ground — the most recent version options comprehensive iRig BlueBoard integration.

When you’re able to rock, use AmpliTube’s constitutional recorder and DAW-style Studio* feature (available via in-app purchase) to record and edit multitrack audio sort of a professional. With the most recent version of AmpliTube you’ll be able to expand its recorder to eight tracks via in-app purchase. you’ll be able to share your recordings as high-quality audio files or M4As via FTP and SoundCloud.

Use the constitutional Loop percussionist loop-based drum module to jam to killer drum tracks. It will showing intelligence produce rhythms otherwise you will use it to make your own. Get additional loops via the in-app purchase {of vogue|of favor|of fashion} Packs — the most recent version adds three new style packs and five variations on existing vogue Packs for you to undertake.

AmpliTube features:

  • Real-time stringed instrument and bass mobile multi FX and recording app
  • Use three coincident stomp boxes, 1 amp, one cab and one mic
  • Includes eleven stomps, 5 amps, five cupboards and a couple of mics
  • Add additional gear models via in-app purchase: Official amps from Soldano®, Ampeg® and ENGL®, five official Fender™ amps and five stomps, vi official Orange® amps and three stomps, two official Jimi Hendrix™ amps and four stomps, a political candidate stomp from T-Rex® and additional
  • Single-track recorder expands to 8-track studio with master effects via in-app purchase
  • AutoFreeze feature permits for separate effects rigs on every recorder track
  • Studio feature* (available via in-app purchase) turns multitrack into a jackdaw with full redaction options
  • UltraTuner, the high preciseness tuner, offered as in-app purchase
  • Loop percussionist module that plays in correct with the recorder
  • Includes speed trainer, pendulum and tuner
  • Inter-App Audio support (available on iOS seven and above)
  • Project sharing between versions and devices
  • Preroll perform
  • Import and play songs as backing tracks from your Music Library or laptop
  • Export via E-mail, SoundCloud, FTP or File Sharing
  • Audio copy/paste
  • Speed up or prevent tempo of foreign songs while not ever-changing pitch
  • NO VOICE removes lead vocal or stringed instrument solo from foreign songs
  • Powerful management of presets and favorites
  • Tuner and pendulum
  • Digital audio in/out
  • MIDI manageable
  • Low-latency for period enjoying
  • FREE and autoimmune disorder versions additionally offered

Download AmpliTube for iPhone

Download AmpliTube for iPad

  1. CleanUp Suite

Normally $0.99

By far the foremost powerful and complete toolset to stay your address book clean and lean!

This app combines 3 must-have tools in one to create certain that your address book is freed from duplicates and unwanted contacts. in the middle of a strong always-on backup tool, this can be needless to say the final word address book app.

CleanUp Suite contains the subsequent functions:

  1. Merge and notice duplicates mechanically

This module cleans your address book mechanically however you’ll keep up to the mark. Before scanning your contacts, you’ll be able to set up the merge level: solely notice 100% matches or additionally notice many styles of partial matching. After that, it’ll run a scan to visualize for all duplicate contacts. Once the scan is complete, it’ll gift you with the results. you’ll be able to then favor to take away all matching contacts from your address book or to merge solely a sub-selection of the duplicates found. additionally works cleanly with multiple sources like Gmail and iCloud to stay all duplicate contacts centralized.

  1. choose and take away contacts in bulk

This module is that the ideal tool to get rid of contacts in bulk. choose the contacts you would like to get rid of, click the delete-button and your contacts are removed. For even quicker alternatives you’ll be able to use good filters or the moment search perform. And in fact all contacts area unit backup up before they’re removed.

  1. Manual merging for the crowning glory

Still got some contacts left that are literally duplicates however area unit too totally different to be mechanically detected? Then this final module offers you the choice to fine-tune your address book to the last bit. simply choose the contacts you would like to merge, press the merge button and you’re done! The merge result’s shown in an exceedingly popup thus you’ll be able to tweak it a little additional if you would like to induce the optimum result.

  1. Backup and restore

All higher than modules produce automatic backups before doing their trick. you’ll be able to restore complete backups, however you’ll be able to additionally restore one contact (or a variety of contacts) from a definite backup. this provides you final freedom!

All higher than is enclosed within the app and is directly offered (no in-app purchases needed of course). the whole app is universal and optimized for iPhone, iPhone 7.0 and iPad.


  • Clean and manage duplicate contacts
  • Sturdy contacts backup and restore
  • Remove contacts in bulk
  • Manually merge contacts
  • All-in-one tool for associate degree accessible address book
  • Streamlined computer programme

Download CleanUp Suite

  1. The convertor

Normally $0.99

Forget about boring converters. The convertor was designed not only for work, however additionally for pleasure: you’ll be able to do constant tedious conversions, however with way more fun!

And as for work: The convertor comes with quite 1500 units across sixty five classes. By victimization advanced search and customization capabilities, you’ll be ready to organize the knowledge relevant to you for your total convenience. 2 modes area unit offered – Standard: solely “to” and “from” units area unit shown, and Expanded: multiple units area unit shown on constant screen. In each modes conversions area unit performed as you kind. Please explore the Screenshots to induce a concept.

Available measurements: Length, Area, Volume, Speed, Weight, Temperature, Currency (more than a hundred and eighty countries), Clothing, Fuel Consumption, information Storage, information Transfer, Kitchen, Force, Energy, Power, Pressure, Time, Torque, Acceleration, Angle, Prefixes, Luminance, Charge, Current, Density, Sound, Fractions, Concentration Molar, Concentration answer, electrical electrical phenomenon, electrical physical phenomenon, force field Strength, electrical phenomenon, resistivity, electrical electrical phenomenon, electricity Capacitance, Flow Mass, Flow Molar, Heat Density, Heat compactness, Heat Transfer constant, Inductance, Linear Charge Density, Linear Current Density, field Strength, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic compactness, force, Mass compactness, Moment of Force, Moment of Inertia, porousness, Radiation Absorbed Dose, Radiation Activity, Radiation Exposure, Surface Charge Density, Surface Current Density, physical phenomenon, Thermal physical phenomenon, Thermal enlargement, Thermal Resistance, body Dynamic, body Kinematic, Volume Charge Density.

Download The Converter

  1. SWI camera

Normally $0.99

  • You will take a photograph fully screen.
  • Full-Wide finder UI.
  • Powerful photograph Editor

Download SWI camera

  1. Audio Editor Tool Plus

Normally $0.99 Full Version, while not Ads!

Audio redaction has ne’er been as straightforward because it is currently with our new Audio Editor Tool and app! You don’t want significant and complex computer code to figure with audio files. ditch wasting hours rummaging through endless computer code manuals to search out a required perform. It’s all here, in your hand.

Edit your audio files quick and simply, get instant ends up in skilled quality! Audio Editor Tool and is a useful tool for everybody WHO typically works with audio files and WHO wants straightforward however skilled mobile editor. The app supports all fashionable audio formats for your convenience.

HOW TO USE: opt for the file for redaction and use all necessary tools like Copy, Paste, Trim, Cut and plenty of others. Edit the wave shape in no time. Convert your files in an exceedingly desired format and reserve it on your device.

Audio Editor Tool and features:

  • Full-scale audio redaction studio for mobile devices
  • Basic set of functions and varied extra tools
  • Professional sound quality
  • Powerful audio-editing app for amateurs and skilled users

Audio Editor Tool and app makes it doable to figure with audio files in a {very} very straightforward method in high quality! attempt it now!

Download Audio Editor Tool Plus

  1. Calista

Normally $2.99

There area unit such a lot of perform to assist you to style your photograph simply.

You will relish decorating photograph, apply model via Calista’s intuitive perform.

  1. model Edit:

Provide several effective perform to create the templates additional rattling

  • 19 styles of color mixing impact
  • Templates attribute adjust(Zoom in/out, Rotation, Flip etc)
  • Hue, Saturation, Opacity modification perform
  • Blur perform
  • Masking(Erase Template) perform
  1. photograph Edit:
  • 6 styles, additional then twenty five styles of trendy filters
  • Hue, Saturation, Opacity modification perform
  • Vignette impact
  1. Text Edit :
  • More then forty styles of style fonts.
  • More then eighty styles of system fonts.
  • Space between the lines, letters, rotation, transparency adjustable
  • Font color amendment
  • 19 styles of mixing impact

Download Calista

  1. ProTracker Plus

Normally $3.99

You can have of these advantages and avoid the monthly fees for an occasional just once price!

Key options of ProTracker Plus:

  • Diary – Track your food, exercise, weight and healthy checks on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Apple Watch – read a look of your day on the Apple Watch.
  • Weight hunter – Track your weight weekly and look at your weight loss progress.
  • Barcode Scanner – Over 250,000+ UPC’s offered.
  • Barcode Submissions – Submit barcodes that area unit unavailable for addition to the information.
  • Online Food information – Over one hundred thirty,000+ eating house information + Department of Agriculture foods.
  • Meal Builder – Build bespoke meals by grouping varied foods into one item.
  • PDF Reports – Generate PDF reports that show you a outline of your week. These reports will then simply be emailed, written or saved.
  • Charts – Nutrition and class breakdown charts offer you a weekly breakdown of your food consumption.

Download ProTracker Plus


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