March 6, 2021
iPhone Apps

7 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free downloads right now (save $40!)

7 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free downloads right now (save $40!)

iPhone Apps

Another week is drawing to a close and if nothing else, it has been packed full of great paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. The week isn’t over just yet, though, and we want to end things on a high note. Today’s list of paid iOS apps on sale for free includes $40 worth of paid apps, but you won’t pay a cent if you hurry and download them now.

  1. myCal PRO

No more spots in your calender! myCal Star showcases what you have to see, your occasions! myCal Master is THE BEST swap for the inside iDevice timetable application! myCal Expert shows the gatherings and arrangements you made in the Apple Schedule application. With myCal Ace you can include more logbooks *and* set the shading you need your occasions to be shown in! For instance: include new datebooks for Work, Home, and Games and alternatively set the hues to Red, Green and Blue individually. Simples!

  • Intense occasion rehash choices, any number of days weeks, months or years. Second Thursday of at regular intervals for instance!
  • AirPrint support! 2 finger swipe down the screen on any occasion view! Print in representation or scene, contingent upon the gadget introduction!
  • Backing for extra contact dates! see commemorations and so forth that have been added to a contact as read just yearly rehashing occasions!
  • Upgraded Month See that shows genuine occasions (throughout the day, multi day and timed)
  • Improved looking over Week View with even or vertical day format and the alternative to show numerous lines for an occasion
  • Invitee bolster, you can now get and recognize welcomes, and additionally send your own (iCloud and GMail datebooks)
  • Tweak the width of the weekend in the Month Perspective to make your working week bigger
  • Upgraded Day See that shows substantially more detail including title, area, schedule name with hyperlink, update, birthday and rehash symbols
  • Backings both Scene and Picture, with full screen choices for each
  • Uses the inner timetable as its database, no extra matching up needed. Any iCal memberships officially made will be noticeable.
  1. Oquonie

Oquonie is an iOS riddle diversion for iPad and iPhone made in a joint effort with artist Rekka Bellum where you must discover your way over an interweaved megastructure. You won’t be distant from everyone else, your incarnations will have the assistance of bizaroid characters talking a dark dialect

  1. Financial Book

Whatever you do, track your cash. Right look on cash administration.

  1. Calorie Watcher

Our main goal is to enable individuals to take control over their calorie utilization and change individuals’ ways of life. This application offers an extensive variety of elements that help individuals who need to lose or put on weight. We offer an extensive variety of free elements, for example, calorie spending plan figuring, nourishment calorie computation and activity count. We likewise offer a premium access highlight that lets the client add nourishment or activity to their day by day calorie spending plan, which help clients to stay informed regarding their preparation and dietary patterns. This technique has ended up being a standout amongst the best courses for individuals to accomplish their weight objectives. Our group over at is sure that you will encounter the same groundbreaking results as our past customers have.

  1. PurpleWeather

Why is climate constantly bloated and overwhelming to get it? PurpleWeather is an exceptionally basic, quick and decent looking climate application. It shows climate information and gauge with a radiant iOS-roused outline, additionally incorporates imaginative elements. PurpleWeather furnishes you with: – the present climate conditions – a trihourly gauge for the accompanying 24 hours – a conjecture for the accompanying 5 days – climate alerts if there should be an occurrence of downpour or snow – a temperature identification in your Home screen, redesigned once like clockwork The climate information you find in PurpleWeather is given by OpenWeatherMap

  1. SKEW

Try not to be altered in regular approach to take photographs! Try not to dither in what you take! Guess what? We have “SKEW” Being mutilate can be amend, Being tilt can be fit, Being short can be long, Being charming can be seperated in your photographs. This application is made out of what turns into the most delightful photograph.

  1. Time Tracker+

Lumen Trails is an omni tracker. It gives you a chance to take notes, make records and stay informed regarding different things throughout your life, for example, time, workouts, costs, calories, sustenance, weight, rest or whatever else you can consider. A large number of individuals utilization it consistently, and they cherish it in light of the fact that it really has any kind of effect in their lives.

“I’ve been utilizing Lumen Trails for 6 months and keep on adoring it. One of my most sticky and helpful applications ever on my telephone.” – David D’Souza

The excellence of Lumen Trails is that you can track completely anything. There are huge amounts of different applications that permit you to track maybe a couple things, for instance, calories and weight. In any case, imagine a scenario where you choose to track something else. Say, what number of cigarettes you smoke as you attempt to stop, your dietary patterns or even total assets? Lumen Trails is the application for that! As opposed to having one application for your schedules, one for following costs, another for following your weight, you can clean up your home screen and simply have one application that does it all.

Planned only for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Lumen Trails is inconceivably intense, simple to utilize, and looks excellent on the Retina HD Show. It can even reinforcement your information naturally to Google Drive, sync with iCloud, and is completely open with Apple VoiceOver in 8 dialects. There’s nothing that verges on it. Furthermore, to top it all, your information is not bolted on your iPhone. You can send out it to Exceed expectations or Google Docs! So what’s really critical to you at this moment? Your Wellbeing? Wellness? Funds? Efficiency? Track it and accomplish things!

Note to iPhone 6 & 6+ more clients Now you can approach Siri to discover data for you and direct directly into Lumen Trails. For instance, hold down the Home catch and ask Siri: “What number of calories are in a chicken sandwich?”. To begin correspondence, tap the receiver catch on your console and simply begin talking – your words will be transformed into content.


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