May 9, 2021
7 days Weight Loss Plan

7 Days Weight Loss Plan

7 Days Weight Loss Plan

These days almost every other person you meet, there will be a topic on weight loss. There are many weight loss clinics and treatments available in India which burn your pockets to burn your calories. We are obsessed with weight reduction but the biggest problem is that we are not 100% dedicated when we think of reducing weight. If you are not so serious with the plans or programs which you have enrolled then you will not find any fruitful results. We have given below a simple 7 days weight loss plan which you can do it in your home and see the results. We again insist that you have to be very well dedicated and follow strictly. Make sure you start it in the beginning of the weekend so that it would be easy for you to follow and start with a relaxed mood.

7 days Weight Loss Plan

Day 1:

Breakfast: 3/4 cup corn flakes, any one fruit like apple or banana, 1 cup fat-free milk.

Lunch: Take white carbs including potato, rice or chapati, small amount of chicken, a light bit mayonnaise, and green salad or fruits.

Dinner: Fish, cooked vegetables like broccoli, little grated cheese and fat free ice cream.

Tip: Take high protein food and eliminate very high carb foods. Break down one big meal into smaller portions.


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