9 Ways to Make Shaving Last Longer

9 ways to make shaving last longer 9 Ways to Make Shaving Last Longer

We all know how to shave but do we know how to shave properly? Seriously, if you want long-lasting smoothness (who couldn’t do with more time in the mornings?) then your shaving technique is important. Celebrity beauty therapist and skin expert for Venus, Nathalie Eleni, explained to us that what you do before, during and after shaving can grant you smoother skin for longer. Here are her top tips for the perfect long-lasting shave:

1. Use a salt scrub the day before you shave to lift off any dead cells that may have trapped little hairs, start from the ankles and work upwards in a circular motion. If your skin is particularly sensitive then using exfoliating gloves will prevent flare-ups, but still get the job done efficiently.


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