May 13, 2021
Advanced Bariatric Surgery to Avoid Obesity

Advanced Bariatric Surgery to Avoid Obesity

Advanced Bariatric Surgery to Avoid Obesity

Advanced Bariatric Surgery to Avoid Obesity

In our country so many people are suffering from obesity problem irrespective of age from 11 year child to 50 years old. We have so many options for reducing weight, but no method is permanent like pills, dieting, oils, massages etc. All of them come under temporary solutions.  Technology has improved a lot and they are inventing several new technologies and Pharma technology is also having a dramatic change all over the country. They are going on inviting new methods which are useful for people and here comes the bariatric surgery to reduce weight approximately about 20 kgs.  It is obvious that if new ways of reducing weight are into the market people will definitely run to try them. So, here is the new method of reducing weight that is Bariatric Surgery. Are you new to hear about Bariatric Surgery? I will let you know about this Bariatric surgery and the procedure, its benefit and different type of surgeries.

Bariatric Surgery

Coming to bariatric surgery, actually it is a process of cutting down of the fat present in the stomach a little bit when it is introduced at first. But, as technology improved it is being performed in different ways and in different methods. Let’s see what bariatric surgery is and how it is helpful. They will reduce our digestive system, so that we cannot take excess amount of food. Even if you take more amount of food, your digestive system will not allow you to do so. Therefore, you will eat less food than what you will generally take. In this way, you will lose weight and it is continued permanently. This is actual procedure of Bariatric surgery in earlier days. Now we can come across many new methods of surgeries. The above surgery is a little bit risky for people and may leads to side effects. Now, scientists and doctors researched and came forward with innovative technologies. All surgeries will be done with laparoscopic in a safe manner without any side effects.

As I said there are different methods in bariatric surgery, they are described below in detail.


There are different types of surgery which are mentioned below.

  1. Gastric Balloon
  2. Gastric Band
  3. Gastric Sleeve
  4. Gastric Bypass
  5. Gastro Imbrication
  6. Endo Barrier

Surgery can be done based on patient health condition and weight of the person. Let’s discuss about the procedure of surgery and its benefits.

1. Gastric Balloon


The time taken for this surgery is hardly 15 minutes. As name itself indicates, one balloon is sent into stomach through mouth which is filled with saline. In this surgery cutting of body cannot be done. As stomach is inserted, you will feel your stomach is full even if you take small amount of food and also size of the stomach is also decreased. By this surgery you can reduce your weight from 15kgs – 20 kgs. Procedure is very simple when compared to the other surgeries. No side effects with this surgery.


  1. Cutting cannot be done in this surgery.
  2. Simple procedure and no side effects.

There may be some limitations to the people before undergoing surgery.


  1. It is limited for people whose BMI is less than 27.
  2. People who consumes alcohol or drugs.
  3. People whose mental condition is not stable.
  4. People who had previous surgeries, and operations.

Otherwise it is better option which doesn’t have any side effects.

2. Gastric Band

In this process, you can lose 50% of your weight which will take 45 minutes to complete the surgery. A silicon band which is inflatable is inserted in your stomach. After 5-6 weeks band get thighs by filling it with a saline. This makes you reduce your weight. The whole process can be done with laparoscopy.

3. Gastric band Benefits

  1. You can lose your weight in a small amount of time.
  2. You can adjust your band based on the quantity of food taken and also on patient’s health condition.


  1. People whose weight is more than 50-70 kgs are not applicable for this procedure.
  2. People who eats food in less quantities for more number of times.

4. Gastric Sleeve

With this surgery your stomach will get a shape like curve by removing a part from your stomach. Your digestive system is in the form of a banana where open end of the tube can be in a form like this. There is a hormone called “Gremlin” that will secret hunger in our body. It will be removed through this surgery. So, it decreases hunger when it is removed from our body. You will lose 25 % of it from original size of the body. People who are having age 16- 70 years can go for this surgery.


  1. As the major part is removed from your stomach, intake of food is less and people who are below of 76 years can try this surgery.


  1. BMI level should be more than 60.
  2. There may be a case of attacking of B12 vitamin deficiency.

5. Gastric Bypass

You will lose weight in a quick manner. In this surgery, stomach is divided into pouches like upper and lower. These two will be connected through a small intestine. By this process intake of food is decreased.


  1. Quick weight loss can be attained through this procedure.


  1. Whose BMI>40
  2. This procedure cannot be performed for the people who are mentally not stable, who are having psychological disorders.

Apart from the above surgeries, there are other surgeries like

Gastric Imbrication

Endo Barrier.

Gastric Imbrication

It is not like regular method. There won’t be any cutting or removal of part of a body. But, a part of stomach is folded.

Endo Barrier method

In this, a small tube like structure is inserted at the lower part of stomach.

Before undergoing any surgeries, check your health condition and your mental ability. As these surgeries are done under the guidance of experienced doctors, the procedure can be done with laparoscopy which is absolutely safe.


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