May 14, 2021
Age Is Just A Number To Flat The Tummy

Age Is Just A Number To Flat The Tummy

Age Is Just A Number To Flat The Tummy

Age Is Just A Number To Flat The Tummy

Lives strong even at the age of 40, 60 and 80 by understanding your metabolism and body response. Any women having above 35 inches belly and man above 40 inch belly is a negative sign as it prone you to dangerous diseases like heart attack, heart arrest, kidney failure, diabetes and other chronic diseases

So grab a tape and check out your waist size. If you see that you are above 35 inches belly then yes you need to pay attention to reduce your stubborn belly fat right away

It’s a negative notion that people who cross 30 years cannot lose weight. One needs to understand the metabolism and act accordingly. Check your weight first; calculate your BMI with your height and weight.

Having flat belly is not just a healthy sign but also give us enough confidence. Daily exercises promotes feel good hormones which can long last up to 12- 13 hours and the healthier you are the less sick you fall which in turn allows you to be more productive and prospective.

Count on

Flattening your waist area, even if the rest of the body weight is not lost, still can be very beneficial to your health. Start doing it with a measuring tape by holding it around the waist line and around the complete tummy to understand a clear tummy line measurement. Keep measuring weekly and biweekly to understand the count

Fruits & Nuts

Replace your junk with fruits and nuts, which are healthier and will fill your stomach. Try and avoid junk as much as you can. Omega three fatty acid presences in the nut will make your diet high in protein and energetic. Every fruit will have its vitamin value, instead of avoiding fruits its better avoid junk and get its mineral and vitamin values. This will also increase immunity and makes you stronger.

Keep Moving

Daily exercises will help you cut down your belly fat. Concentrate on those workouts which will have impact on belly area. As you grow older the capacity of lung and heart rate falls down and prone to face joint pains and bone loss. So to make the work outs comfortable start with 5 – 10 minutes of any warm up session and walking. You can also try bicycling, crunches; sit ups as per your comfort levels. Keep giving breaks in between and relax. Try and approach a gym coach or a physician to make your exercise plan work more effectively

Don’t be stressed

Try not to get stressed, stay relaxed. Cortisol is hormone in our body which gets released when you are stressed. cortisol causes fat gain even if you are on a accurate weight. So try not to get stressed, catch up walk with a friend or play an outdoor game which relieves stress from mind and body. Whenever you feel stressed go for a long walk and try not to think about the incident which made you feel stressed.

Be a choosy eater

Turn your nose up and nod you head for the junk and processed food. It will have high fructose, glucose sweeteners and fats. By the age of 50 you will know what suits your body and what not. Try and eat only the high quality grains, pulses, whole food, fruits, seeds and vegetables. Avoid high fat dairy products, junk food and processed food.

Consume more protein

Try to substitute protein with carbohydrate. Round about 40 calories gets saved every time you substitute 50 grams of protein. 30% of protein gets digested whereas only 6% of carbohydrate gets digested after consumption

Take larger steps

While you are walking take large steps, is it walking jogging and climbing? When you walk climb some fat is burnt but when you stretch your legs and walk, stretch your legs and climb it will be more productive as it helps in burning few more calories. Try to challenge yourself or compete with friends while walking, it’s a healthy practice to always challenge while working out, but do not overdo it for the heck of bet.

Lawn Work, go green

Make a habit of doing lawn work, gardening, planting and growing new plants, this enhances the green environment around your house and also makes you stay healthy and fit. When you are gardening try and involve a neighbor or a friend who will make you work more enthusiastic and interesting.

Try to read labels

Whenever you purchase any food from market, read the content of the pack, these days most of the food has high fructose levels. If there is high fructose corn syrup is labeled in the contents do not buy such products as there will be sweeten soda in it.

Follow blind exercise

Have a loud music and dance along the music, try and climb steps and repeat just for fun. Jump and hop. Try to have movements. Do not stick to the chair. Try to stand for long.

Happy flat tummy

So age is just a number if you can stay young at heart. Your age actually depends on the friends and activities you choose. How you plan your day your weekend to be. Try to make each day productive and interesting and always pay your bills on time and stay cheerful


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