June 14, 2021
Amazing Things You Don't Know About Your iPhone & Android Mobile

Amazing Things You Don’t Know About Your iPhone & Android Mobile

Amazing Things You Don’t Know About Your iPhone & Android Mobile

Amazing Things You Don't Know About Your iPhone & Android Mobile

Do you have a Smartphone? Then, there is something interesting to know your mobile. You might have came across so many things that are incorporated with your mobile but there are pretty much good things you need to observe from your phone. Most used gadgets are iPhone and Apple. Here we are distinguishing the same features for both the Operating Syatem mobiles.  To make them introduce to you we are planning to focus some of the interesting aspects of Smartphone before, You might be having an idea about some of them!! Continue to read to know a few more..

  1. Take a screenshot

Have you ever needed to capture something on your telephone’s screen? Perhaps its a silly content from a companion, an intriguing Facebook post, or you need to send somebody a picture to demonstrate to them best practices to do something.

  • iPhone

Press and hold the Home button alongside the Sleep/Wake button . You ought to hear a screen click. The screenshot will show up in your Camera Roll or Saved Photos area.

  • Android

Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons in the meantime. The picture is spared to the “Caught Images” organizer in your Gallery application. That just works in Android 4.0 and higher, however. For Android 3.0, 2.3 or prior, use an application like AirDroid.

  1. Better ways to take pictures

Tapping your telephone’s screen to take a picture sounds great in principle, however practically speaking it can make shots somewhat temperamental. Here are some better choices.

  • iPhone

Hold your cam in scene mode and press the Volume Up catch as an afterthought.

  • Android

Open the cam app and tap the gear to see the settings. Scroll down to Voice control and turn it on. Presently you can bring pictures.

If  your telephone doesn’t have an implicit camera  application with this feature , you’ll require an outsider application like Say Cheese.

  1. Block calls and texts

Have you ever had somebody who recently won’t quit calling or messaging you, even after you asked pleasantly? Here’s the manner by which to block them.

  • iPhone

To block approaches an iPhone with iOS 7 or later, open the Phone or FaceTime application. If  the individual is as of now a contact, tap their name, span to the base of the page and tap Block This Caller. At that point tap Block Contact.

If  the individual isn’t a contact, tap the Info button , then span to the base of the page and tap Block this Caller. At that point tap Block Contact.

If  that you need to piece writings, open the Messages application and tap a message from the individual you need to square. Tap Contact in the upper right and afterward tap the Info button. Span to the base and tap Block this Caller. At that point tap Block Contact.

You can alter your blocked contacts later at these areas:




  • Android

On Android, go to Settings>>Call settings>>Call block. Under “Incoming calls” tap “Call block list”and after that tap Create. You can enter a number, or tap the picture symbol to discover the number in your Contacts list or in your call logs. In the event that you don’t see these steps or need additionally blocking alternatives, look at these call- and content blocking applications.

  1. Use a real password

iPhone and Android both default to a 4-digit PIN for opening the telephone. That is OK the length of you don’t use something basic like 0000 or 1234. In any case, I know some individuals who need significantly more security.

  • iPhone

To set a genuine password on an iPhone, go to Settings>>Passcode. From that point, swipe off the choice that says Simple Passcode. Here, you can set your passcode with letters and exceptional characters for better telephone security.

  • Android

Go to Settings>>Lock screen and tap Screen lock. You can set what level of security you need, from a simple swipe to a password. Select Password and sort in the password that you need. It ought to have a blend of letters, numbers and exceptional characters to be truly sheltered.

  1. See text easier

Having some major snags reading  things on your telephone’s little screen? Knock up the text dimension to something a bit simpler to see.

  • iPhone

Go to Settings>>General>>Accessibility and turn on Bold Text and Larger Text. You can pick either one or both, contingent upon your inclination. You will need to restart your telephone for Bold Text to produce results.

  • Android

Go to Settings>>Accessibility. Under Vision, tap Font size and set it to Large. A few mobiles incorporate a significantly bigger Huge alternative.

  1. Read things out loud

Need to keep your eyes off your telephone for a bit? Have it read things to you so everyone can hear.

  • iPhone

Go to Settings>>General>>Accessibility and turn on VoiceOver. You have the choice to practice with VoiceOver, set the talking rate and then some.

You will need to do some playing around to get accustomed to it. Case in point you can touch and drag your fingers around the home screen to have it perused what’s there. Twofold tap to actuate an application, while one tap will provide for you insights about it.

VoiceOver will read bearings to you in Maps, have your cam let you know what number of individuals are in your shot, and get talked photograph depictions. You can likewise hand compose notes and letters on the screen and have VoiceOver make an interpretation of your messages into content for Mail and different applications.

  • Android

Go to Settings>>Accessibility and tap TalkBack. In the event that you don’t see it, you can download it from the Google Play store.

Turn it on and your telephone will read whatever you touch on the screen and approaching notices.  To perform a general swipe motion, you need to use two fingers rather than one.

To modify your TalkBack settings, go to Settings>>Accessibility and tap Text-to-Speech choices. You can conform the voice motor and rate.

At that point go to Settings and turn on without hands mode. This will let you know who is calling or informing.

There are loads of cool features on your iPhone that you may not think about. Supporter Jennifer Jolly demonstrates to you five of them.

  1. Customize alert vibration patterns

You’ve set a custom ringtone for each of your contacts, however that doesn’t help when you have your telephone on vibrate. Luckily, you can make custom vibration designs too.

  • iPhone

Go to Settings>>Sounds>>Ringtone>>Vibration. You can tap out examples to record. Then again, you can go into your contacts rundown and hit Edit and select the Vibration choice for every contact.

  • Android

Go to Contacts and tap on a contact name. Under Vibration Pattern, tap Default and pick a preset example. On the other hand tap the Create catch and tap on the screen to make your own particular example.  If  you don’t have this inherent, there are outsider applications like Vybe that can do this too.

  1. Flash camera LED for notifications

Need a calm ready about warnings and would prefer not to use vibrate? Have warnings trigger your telephone’s LED cam streak. Simply verify you turn this off or keep your telephone concealed when you go to the movies.

  • iPhone

Go to Settings>>General>> Accessibility and turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.”  Now every time you get a notice, your telephone’s back cam will streak.

  • Android

Go to Settings>>Accessibility and turn on “Flash notification.”  If your mobile doesn’t have this, attempt an application like Flash Notification 2 from the Google Play store.

  1. Take multiple pictures at once

In case you’re taking pictures of a moving article, squirming child or individuals who have a tendency to squint, you regularly need to take a cluster of pictures on the double.

  • iPhone 5s/5c

Open the Camera application. Tap and hold the shutter release button  on the screen – or press and hold the Volume Up button- and the cam will begin taking numerous pictures. Release the catch when you want to stop.

The iPhone can take up to 10 pictures a second. It will aggregate the photographs for you naturally so you can rapidly discover the best ones.

  • Android

Open the Camera application. Tap the gear symbol to open the settings and turn Burst Shot on. At that point tap and hold the shade release button  and the telephone will take various pictures until you release the button  or it hits as far as possible for your smartphone. The photographs will be assembled for you in your exhibition. In the event that your cam doesn’t have this choice, you can get an outsider cam application like Snap Camera HDR, or sit tight for your telephone to get a redesigned to Android 4.4.

  1. Turn off music automatically

Quite a few people use their mobile to listen to music as they go to rest, or as they’re doing a task. Be that as it may you don’t need it running always and emptying your battery.

  • iPhone

Go to the Clock application and click on “Timer,” then “When Timer Ends.” From here, parchment the distance down to the base of the screen and select “Stop Playing.”

  • Android

Open the music player and go to Settings. Search for “Music auto off” and set it to however long you need the music to play. There are likewise outsider applications like Sleep Timer accessible.


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