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blue nail art Blue Nail Art

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SinfulColors Royal Blue with Glitter Nail Polsih, White Nail Polish, Neon Coral Nail Color from Forever21 and Dotting tool.

blue nail art 9 Blue Nail Art

Step 1:
Painted all nails with Sinfulcolors Royal Blue Glitter polish.

blue nail art 6 Blue Nail Art

Step 2:
With #dotting tool and white nail #polish, I started to paint daisies on each nail, 2 or 1 per nail as you please.

blue nail art 7 Blue Nail Art

blue nail art 5 Blue Nail Art

Step 3
Finally I painted one dot in the middle of the daisy, as the “pollen” using the neon coral polish.

blue nail art 8 Blue Nail Art

Step 4:
Finished it up with a clear coat of nail polish to seal your design

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