May 7, 2021
Body Changes & Diet during the Trimester of Pregnancy

Body Changes & Diet during the Trimester of Pregnancy

Body Changes & Diet during the Trimester of Pregnancy

Body Changes & Diet during the Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy of a women has three stages, they are:

  • First trimester
  • Second trimester
  • Third trimester

A full term or a normal pregnancy range is 37 to 42 weeks. Each trimester process will be between 12 to 14 weeks.

Let us take look on each trimester briefly…

  • First Trimester:

First trimester is a process of first 13 weeks of pregnancy. At the time of first trimester you may not look as pregnant, but your body is going through a little change in every week and also pregnant lady will get changes in the wishes of baby growing. Your hormone levels will change in a sufficiently in first few weeks of the first trimester. In this process the womb begins to support the growth of fetus and placenta. So you feel that your body supplies blood to the baby and oxygen, nutrients also. Due to this pregnancy woman feel sickness in the morning, fatigue and headaches…

  • Diet for First Trimester:

Pregnant, who comes under first trimester need to take good food diet rich in folic acid and vitamin B12. Folic acid and vitamin B12 are plays an important role for body functioning and for normal growth. Lack of these vitamins causes megaloblastic anaemia, one type of anaemia.

Some foods rich in folic acid:

            Meat: liver, chicken, egg, yolk…

            Starches: wheat flour, potato, sweet potato…

            Fruit & vegetables: spinach, beetroot, brussels sprouts, cabbage, banana, oranges, peaches…

Some foods rich in vitamin B12:

Meat: beef/ mutton, liver (best source), chicken, fish, whole egg….

Dairy products: milk, yoghurt, mass, cheese…      

  • Second Trimester:

Second trimester is the time period of 13 to 27 weeks. Second trimester is the most comfortable 3 months of pregnancy. For majority people of pregnant women, it is most comfortable time period. You will feel joy of night’s sleep and should start to gain more energy for your baby’s arrival. The following changes will happen in your body while second trimester is running…

  • Extra weight: you gain extra weight while running second trimester
  • Bleeding gums: bleeding will happen while brushing due to tender gums
  • Breast enlargement: you will experience much breast tenderness.
  • Diet for Second Trimester:

Eat plenty foods, it helps to your baby to grow healthy. Take foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, it helps in brain development of your baby, and concentrate on vitamin D- it helps to grow demanding/strong bones & teeth. Eat iron-rich-foods, which help your baby growth by having red-blood cells. In given table you find foods which are rich in above vitamins…

Rich in omega 3 fatty acid Rich in vitamin D Rich in iron
Flax seeds Beef liver Red meat
Walnuts Cheese Pork
Beef Egg yolks Sea food
cauliflower Oily fish Dried fruit
Mushrooms Breads and pastas
Dark green leafy vegetables


  • Third Trimester:

It is process from 28th week through the delivery of your baby. In this trimester you have to concentrate on your health. You should take health care provider regularly by your doctor. Your doctor will frequently

  • Test your urine for protein
  • Check your blood pleasure
  • Listen to the fetal heart rate
  • Check your hands and legs for any swelling

Third trimester is the right time to educate you, take time and attend for childbirth classes.

If you feel swelling or painful in your body, contact your doctor immediately.

  • Diet for Third Trimester:

Eat a diet high in vegetables, low-fat-forms of protein, fruits and fibre. Take enough food about 300 calories. Take a diet which is rich in vitamin C, fibre, vitamin K and vitamin B1.

The food table is given below about above vitamin…

Fibre Vitamin K Vitamin B1
Barn Herbs Fish
Cauliflower Green leafy vegetables Pork
Cabbage (raw) Salad vegetables Nuts
Apples Eggs Seeds (sun flower)
Carrots Milk Bread (wheat)
Pears Beef Green peas
Canola & soya bean oil Beans (navy)


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