Christmas Makeup and Hairstyles 2015

christmas hairstyles 2015 Christmas Makeup and Hairstyles 2015

Christmas festival is a dreams of loving and lighting  around and in our homes with full of starts and Christmas trees and making and looking more beautiful than ever seen in the year only that month we will feel god has create a wonder of life with full of lightings all round us. Why can’t we can enlighten our face with a little touch of makeup that adds more colors and lights to our festival? You can look more beautiful and gorgeous in the lightings of Christmas. Add a little change to your style in a different manner then we can feel difference in your make up during Christmas. Let’s see how you can be beautiful with changes in your face, hair style and dressing.

When coming to face now we are getting so many available glitters to apply for cheeks, eyes and as eye shadow can also you can add. Instead of applying compact powder apply a glitter powder on your cheeks you will look more attractive and pleasant when you will laugh with that basing of glitter powder on your cheeks. Apply eye shadow that suits to your compact face color and matching dress color that make your eyes fresh with a lot of happiness in your eyes, and a liner for eyes that make your eyes not showing your dullness. Add glitter lipstick on your lips or a light shade.


hairstyles Christmas Makeup and Hairstyles 2015

When coming to hair style, you have different hairstyle that match to your dress you have pony, curly, wavy straight and you can pin up your hair totally and make a different hairstyle, but you have to adapt to that hair style what you will wear, people who are having round and large forehead can make their fore head covering with side funk and can make curls at end. People are having oval face fit to any of hair style that makes you look good. Below are the some hair styles which you can prefer on your choice.


Ponytail Christmas Makeup and Hairstyles 2015

Ponytail is an evergreen fashion even other hair styles are in new trend no one occupies this place. Ponytail not only prefers children or college going girls but also red carpet girls mostly prefers they will shine with tight, buffy thight pony. New looking and trend improved in a pony

Curly Or Wavy HairStyle

curly wavy hairstyle Christmas Makeup and Hairstyles 2015

This hair style can prefer for any type of hair either long or short  thick or thin. If you hair is thin you can obviously prefer this hairstyle which looks you hair bouncy and volume added up to your hair. You hair is not totally curly you. You feel curly at only ends. Even you can leave your hair like as it is without any modulation for that. So many starts prefer this hair style.

Layers And Softwaves

layers and softwaves1 Christmas Makeup and Hairstyles 2015

This hairstyle prefers who likes waves like layers and you will your hair is long and you have layers from top to shoulders its look like wavy type and only at back to have long. From front- side you see only layers up to shoulders. These types of hairstyle looks like a light weight in nature add up bouncy ness to your hair

Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid Christmas Makeup and Hairstyles 2015

We can come across French braid which is most popular and known hair style years passed on it is in fashion and this new hair style is fish tail braided. The hair style itself looks like fish tail so hairstyle can be named as Fish tail.

In front prefer mini buff or pomp and front onwards create a reverse French braided tightly up to end to can as it or you can tie up like knotting your hair.

Multiple Layer Cut

multiple layer cut Christmas Makeup and Hairstyles 2015

You have so many hairstyles with layer cut you can try number of haircuts in straitening or loosy or wavy in stricter or front front wavy and at last it is curly.

Prefer your own hair style that will mostly suitable and had a fun with your new hair style

After completing of hair style you can decorate your hair with a small things like glitter side pins, clips etc.


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