April 22, 2021

Different Types of Nail Art Stickers

here are many types of nail stickers available in the market nowadays! They are quite pocket friendly and easy to apply on your nails. You can get these gorgeous nails in less time by using pre-designed stickers. Also they are god-send for those nail art lovers who can’t create free hand designs!

Each type of sticker has a different method of application. You can easily apply these stickers on your both hands yourself with zero error. However, sometimes it may become very difficult to do nail art on your hand with non dominant hand.

Different Types Of Nail Art Stickers

Different types of sticker are elaborated on below. Try them for maximum results.

Plain stickers with adhesive backing

These come in a variety of designs from flowers to cartoon nail art .They are very easy to apply, just peel and stick. You just have to be creative and there is no limit of beautiful manicures you can get. They are very pocket friendly.  I recently had used angry bird stickers to create this blue angry bird nail art.

Lace nail art stickers

Lace nail art stickers are very similar to above nail art stickers but the only difference they come in stripes . You have to cut the lace sticker according to your requirement and then stick it on your nails. They also come in many designs and colors. I used  two different types of lace patterns to create this look. They really look gorgeous when you apply them

3D nail stickers

They have 3d effect to them. They too have adhesive backing and they can applied by just peel and stick method.They come in many designs and look very beautiful! Especially the floral ones.

Metal nail art stickers

As the name suggests they are made up of metal and they too come in many designs. They can be used for creating accent nails in your manicure. They are stuck using nail glue and are also known as metal decals.

French tip sticker and French tip guides

French tip sticker covers the nail tips and they are used to create very beautiful nail art patterns. They come in many designs.  French tips are also a form of stickers which serve as a guide to create French tips, they are removed after painting the tip.

Full nail stickers

These stickers are for covering your whole nail and though they are easy to apply, you still need some practice to get them right.


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