April 10, 2021
Do it Yourself Eyebrow Threading at Your Home

Do it Yourself Eyebrow Threading at Your Home

Do it Yourself Eyebrow Threading at Your Home

Do it Yourself Eyebrow Threading at Your Home

Eyebrow threading is a very old art of beauty technique which is used for removal of unwanted hair mostly on eyebrows. It can also be used to remove hair above the lips, cheeks and chin. We all want to have a perfect pair of eyebrows as it reflects us among everyone. It defines the face and adds beauty. Sometimes it becomes very hard to find time for yourself to go to parlour just to do eyebrows. For those people, we have a small technique which needs little practice to make yourself perfect in removing the eyebrows.

Before we go ahead to start shaping eyebrows, we have to decide on the shape of the eyebrows depending on your face.

  • If you are having an oval shaped face, then you can keep your eye brows medium thick and then make the arch slightly sharp.
  • If you are having a round shaped face, then try to shape your brows arched and high as possible so that your face would look longer and less full.
  • If your face is square shaped, then you would make your eyebrow arch bit high keeping the slight curve and medium thickness so as to bring the best look for your shape of face.
  • If your face is long shaped, then making a flat brow bringing the curve downward or just keeping it straight. The overall goal is to make your face shorter and proportionate.
  • If you are having a diamond shaped face, then you have to make the brow slightly curved at the beginning keeping the arch bit high so as to make your forehead appear less.
  • If you are having a heart shaped face with a pointed chin, then keeps your brows rounded and smooth in order to keep others focused towards your eyes and divert attention away from chin.

When you have decided with the shape of the eyebrows then we have to need the below items to start threading your eyebrows.

  • Pencil to mark the shape
  • Cotton thread for eyebrow threading.
  • Face powder
  • A pair of scissors

Let’s see how to do Eyebrow threading.

  1. Make yourself comfortable and sit in front of a mirror with proper lighting so that you can see your hair clearly.
  2. Now we have to draw the shape of the brow. Take a pencil and then mark the starting position of the brow. The brow should start just above the tear duct. Next the highest point of the brow has to be marked. For that, take the pencil with an end on the side of the node and then hold it to make a 45 degree angle passing through your pupil. The place where the pencil meets the brow is our second point. The final and ending position of the brow can be determined by holding one end of the pencil at the end of nose line and the other at the outer corner of the eye. The place where the pencil meets the brow will be the ending position. With all the three positions marked, use a pencil to join these to make the shape of brow.
  3. Take the cotton thread of about a feet length and join both the ends making a small knot. Remove the excess thread cut with the help of scissors.
  4. Apply some powder on the brows.
  5. Now take the knotted thread, hold one side of the string in a fixed position and then twist the other end of the string so that the middle portion is winded. Wind it more than 10 times.
  6. Now take the winded portion and place in on the unwanted hair, keeping your fingers away from face. Keep fingers on one hand closed and then open the fingers on the other hand. The winded portion will move and trap the hair.
  7. Now make the opposite movement opening the previously closed finger and then close the other end such that you remove the hair from roots. When you pull the hair, they come out very easily.
  8. Keep doing this until you get the desired shape of the brow. If needed trim the hair such that no hair is present outside the line drawn.
  9. If you feel any pain while pulling the hair then put an ice cube or an aloe vera gel.
  10. Remove the marked line and powder and notice the wanted hair removed.

You might feel this is a tough job and requires some expertise. You only need little bit practice and then you feel it quite simple and easy to do.


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