Food for Healthy Nails

foods for healthy nails Food for Healthy Nails

Nails are the one of the most beautiful parts of women ever had. Unhealthy nails lead to slow growth of nails. Diet plays a major role in the growth of nails to grow stronger and healthier. Nails grow faster in summer than in winter. To gain healthy growth of nails follow the list of foods which are listed below.

Drinking Water

water Food for Healthy Nails

Water is the important factor for human body to keep hydrated always. Dehydration is the problem which will have greater impact on nails. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day which will help your nails to keep healthy and shiny. Try to have more fruits and vegetables which are rich in water content. Avoid Dehydration causing drinks like coffee and tea.


Eggs Food for Healthy Nails

Eggs are rich in protein and vitamin B which gives strong and healthy nails. Eggs are considered the “gold standard for protein quality”. So better include eggs in your diet.

Raw Tomatoes

tomato1 Food for Healthy Nails

These are rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C which will help in improving shine of nails. This helps nails to grow healthier and thicker. Make sure to have 2 raw tomatoes every in your diet to have healthy nails. Vitamin C goes if you cook the tomato. So better have raw tomatoes.


 Food for Healthy Nails

Ripe banana constitutes Vitamin B6, Zinc and Silica. This helps you nails to grow faster and healthier. Consume 2 bananas per day which will improve your nail strength.


Milk Food for Healthy Nails

It is rich in calcium which helps in strengthening the nails and also will have faster growth. Lack of calcium may result to brittle and dry nails. Drink 2 glasses of milk every day along with vitamin D rich foods like mushrooms and eggs which helps your nails to become stronger.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

omega 3 fatty acids Food for Healthy Nails

Omega – 3 fatty acids will improve blood flow which consists plenty of nutrients and improve oxygen levels which in turn increases blood flow. Salmon, Eggs, Oily fish, Spinach, Tuna and Walnuts contain Omega – 3 fatty acids.


zinc rich foods Food for Healthy Nails

Zinc will improve immune system. Brittle nails are due to lack of zinc deficiency. Try to have cashews, green beans, oysters and soybeans in your diet which are rich in zinc.


Yogurt Food for Healthy Nails

Yogurt is rich in zinc, calcium and vitamin B and D which are mostly found in dairy products. You can say goodbye to brittle nails by having yogurt daily. White spots on nails are also gone.


Apricots Food for Healthy Nails

This is rich in source vitamin A which helps your nails to grow faster. It will increase your immune system which will keep your nails stronger and healthy.


Nuts Food for Healthy Nails

These are rich in copper by adding nuts into your diet will improve your nails state and nourishes your health.


Biotin Food for Healthy Nails

Biotin will improve healthy cell growth. Food like eggs, wheat gram and whole grain are rich in source of Biotin. Having these will improve your nails to grow faster and healthier


Protein Food for Healthy Nails

Try to add Protein rich food to your diet which will maintain nail health. Eat meat which is rich in protein. If you won’t eat protein add vegetarian protein items like beans, quinoa tofu and seitan.


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