June 14, 2021
Glitter Nails

Fuchsia with Blue Glitter

Fuchsia with Blue Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails


  • 13 grams suspension base
  • 2 grams hot pink polish (Sinful Colors Feeling Great) .
  • 4 gram (2 pinches) .015 blue metallic hex glitter .
  • 4 gram (2 pinches) .035 blue metallic hex glitter


  • 1 Add the suspension base and the hot pink color polish to a mixing cup.
  • 2 Then add in each glitter, measuring level spoonfuls.
  • 3 Mix and pour into a 15-milliliter bottle. (Alternatively, if you are mixing in a bottle, fill it about half full with suspension base and then add the color polish. Next add the glitters using a paper funnel and top off with more base.)
  • 4 Shake to mix.

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