June 14, 2021
Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store: by The Numbers (2015)

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store: by the numbers (2015)

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

Concerning versatile biological communities, there are two titans secured a fight for income, as well as for the hearts and brains of engineers and shoppers alike. They are obviously Google and Apple. Google’s portable working framework is Android alongside the Google Play Store, while Apple’s putting forth is iOS alongside the Apple Application Store (iTunes).

The basic measurements which are utilized to look at the two stores are number of accessible applications, and aggregate quantities of downloads. Apple has frequently utilized these insights amid its keynote talks. Apple opened its Application Store in 2008 at the season of the iPhone 3G dispatch. It began with only 500 applications yet inside 3 months it had seen 100 million downloads and the quantity of applications hopped to 3000. By 2009 Apple hit the 2 billion download mark, by 2010 3 billion, and by 2011 10 billion with a sum of 350,000 applications. By Walk 2012, the aggregate number of downloads hit 25 billion over 550,000 applications (of which 170,000 were local iPad applications). After a year Apple hit the 50 billion download mark, and 85 billion towards the end of 2014. Concerning applications, it passed the 1 million application mark toward the end of 2013, and Apple presently has around 1.4 million iOS applications accessible for download. However that number has been challenged and a few investigators say that the figure is more like 1.2 million.

Google dispatched the Android Advertise in 2008 with just a modest bunch of applications. Be that as it may it rapidly developed. By 2009 it contained in the ballpark of 2300 applications and by the mid year of 2010 there were 80000 applications accessible, and the aggregate number of downloads had surpassed the pined for 1 billion imprint. Notwithstanding it was still far behind Apple’s Application Store. Amid 2011 Google hit three noteworthy focuses on, 3 billion aggregate downloads, then 6 billion aggregate downloads and afterward 10 billion aggregate downloads. This pattern proceeded into 2012 where the quantity of applications surpassed 500,000 interestingly and the aggregate number of downloads came to 25 billion.

The Android Business was re-marked as Google Play on Walk 6, 2012, as it was converged with Google Music, and Google eBookstore. Google’s store figured out how to surpass Apple’s, as far as the quantity of applications accessible, towards the end of 2014. Concerning 2015, the Divider Road Diary has reported that Google Play had 70% more application downloads than Apple’s Application Store in the first quarter of 2015, however Apple’s application income was around 70% higher than on Google Play. The WSJ report is in light of numbers from the Application Annie Record: Market Q1 2015. The WSJ goes ahead to say that, “Google Play had 70% more application downloads than Apple, supported by interest in developing markets, for example, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia. By examination, Google’s lead in the second from last quarter a year ago was 60%.”

So with both stores offering no less than 1 million applications and both scoring up downloads measured in the billions, what other main variables are there that recognize one store from the other.


Apple’s Application Store keeps on creating more income than Google’s Play Store for designers. The purposes for this are fascinating. The greatest is likely that Apple proprietors originate from higher salary families. The handsets are costly and these more well-to-do proprietors are arranged to spend more cash on applications than the “normal” Android client.

Obviously, the Android biological system has what’s coming to it of extravagant telephones, simply take a gander at the Samsung Universe S6 Edge. Yet there are additionally loads of Android proprietors whose handsets just cost in the middle of $100 and $300. Likewise in numerous parts of the world where Android is prevalent the normal client might not have a credit/presentation card and transporter charging isn’t generally accessible.

This absence of direct deals income has brought about more advertisement upheld applications on Android. Indeed, the observation that Android doesn’t create as much cash in deals or in-application buys may imply that numerous engineers simply go straight for commercial backing applications on Android without notwithstanding attempting to adapt their applications in different ways. Therefore it skews the insights and sustains the thought that Android applications just profit through adverts.

This is by all accounts went down by measurements from AppBrain. As indicated by its free versus paid Android applications page, just 196,000 of the aggregate 1.4 billion applications are pay-for applications, the rest, around 1.2 billion are all free. Some of those free applications offer in-application buys, however very few. Again as indicated by AppBrain, the current number of Android applications with in-application charging is just shy of 110,000.

Something else for potential engineers to consider is that in the event that you need to compose an iOS application then you require a Macintosh, though Android applications can be composed on Windows, OS X and Linux.

Web Interface

One exceptionally irritating angle about the Apple Application Store is that you have to utilize iTunes. In a web-driven, cloud-driven world it is very jostling that I have to download and introduce a restrictive customer on my PC to get to iTunes. On the off chance that you hunt down an iOS application on the web you will get a site page demonstrating the application, yet the main path forward from that point is to view the application points of interest in iTunes. In the event that you are searching for applications on an iOS gadget then things are a touch better as you can pursuit, download and introduce without expecting to utilize the iTunes customer on Windows or OS X.

Google Play is distinctive, while it has a local application on Android, when you utilize it on Windows or OS X it depends on an immaculate web interface. From here you can push introduce appeals to your gadgets and in addition buy applications. This makes the Play Store significantly more adaptable than iTunes.


Whatever biological community you are utilizing there is one thing without a doubt, you are putting cash in applications, films, music and books, and in doing as such you get to be fixed to that environment. Neither Apple nor Google let you purchase films or eBooks that are DRM free. However, you can get DRM free music.

In the event that you purchase films on iTunes you can just watch them on an Apple gadget or on a PC utilizing iTunes. On the off chance that you need to change from iOS to Android then you can’t bring your motion pictures with you. The same isn’t valid for Google. Google offers its Google Play Films & television application on iOS and in addition its Digital book peruser application. You can likewise watch bought motion pictures on any gadget that has a bolstered web program including on Chrome OS. That implies that on the off chance that you do purchase media from Google Play at any rate you have the alternative to utilize that media on pretty much any gadget you need.


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