May 12, 2021
Organic Food

How to Afford Healthy Food

How to Afford Healthy Food

Organic Food

Spending more money on food is not equivalent to having healthy food. A balanced healthy diet which can be afforded by one and all is what we must look. The next big question comes what is healthy. Until we know what actually healthy food is, we might end up buying lot of food which does not come under this category. We have come up with few points that you can consider while shopping for food

Step by Step Process to Afford Healthy Food

  • Let’s try to look for organic vegetables and fruits which we can readily get in major supermarkets. You can also try to buy directly from farmers as they can cheap at the same time they would be fresh. These vegetables and fruits are normally rich in Vitamins and minerals and also provide nourishment.
  • Try to maintain discipline in having frequent lunch, dinners and snacks. This will allow you to have a healthy food from home and also avoid junk food which is not good for your body.
  • One of the oldest methods is to create a budget from your income and try to figure out what all unnecessary purchases can be avoided and slowly try to adhere to it.
  • Try to prefer organic food as these are becomingly more popular and easily available.
  • Sometimes organic meat which is available in supermarkets can be expensive. You can either limit the intake of the red meat or avoid it with substitutes.
  • Brown Rice, oats, whole grains, etc should save you a lot of money. When buying these, try to buy a large quantity for a month which should be available cheaper and you don’t have buy frequently. These are ideal for a balanced diet and will contain necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Beans, legumes, cereals also can be bought and more importantly you do not get these in canned or have to be processed. You might need some additional time in preparing but it pays you.
  • Dairy products are usually processed heavily and can lead to most of the diseases. Try to eliminate the non-organic dairy products especially cheese and milk thereby saving your pockets.
  • This might be bit difficult in the beginning but you if you can start planning your meals for the week then you can concentrate on buying the necessary ingredients from the markets and avoid others. This also helps in keeping the discipline and minimizes waste. Do prepare a list before going.
  • Food prepared in the home is healthy and eliminates the need to try out food outside. Take a lunch box along with you and if you encourage the same along with your colleagues, everybody can share and taste different varieties.
  • Try to have whole foods during cooking and avoid half cooked ready to eat meals or frozen food.
  • Eat in smaller quantities and include fruits, nuts etc as a part of your daily routine.


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