How To Hide Pimples With Makeup

how to hide pimples with makeup 6 How To Hide Pimples With Makeup

Want to know some detailed things about pimples and breakouts, which wreck havoc in our lives…? or how to cover pimples with makeup perfectly..? or to get the knowledge of what makeup is best for which type of acne? Keep reading! This may save your face in front of your friends!

How To Hide Pimples With Makeup

Step 1:

how to hide pimples with makeup 3 How To Hide Pimples With Makeup

One thing about breakouts people do not consider is that when they grab for concealers and foundations, they like covering it more than visiting a dermatologist , this should not be done in case of intense breakouts, a dermatologist should be consulted , and there should be discarding of make up sponges at regular intervals , otherwise the bacteria will get contaminated to the makeup products and other areas of the skin as well. Do not use with directly from foundation bottles with finger tips , you may be transferring the bacteria to the bottle itself .

Step 2: Foundation

how to hide pimples with makeup 4 How To Hide Pimples With Makeup

One or two pimples , is very easy to cover , take a bit of foundation on a palette , and take on finger tip , dab on to the area and then after 10 sec, it’s dried, swipe a second coat of foundation with a makeup sponge. Make sure that the foundation has a yellow tone to it. This is good for pimples which are standing , but not red enough.

Step 3:

how to hide pimples with makeup 1 How To Hide Pimples With Makeup

Now when do u need a concealer , concealer it self needs a little pressing into the skin, so it’s good when the pimples or acne are scarred and red. Before using a concealer in skin tone , if the pimples are real red , try using a green concealer (we all know how color correcting concealers can help undertone or overtone some basic colors of the skin surface) , if u cant get a green concealer then put a little bit of green from any of your matte eyeliner pencils( though i do not recommend any with sparkles or too much use of it . Just a little bit to minimise the redness.), then cover it up with a concealer, by dabbing it on to the pimples area (not swiping it) then Swipe with a foundation.

Step 4: Powder

how to hide pimples with makeup 2 How To Hide Pimples With Makeup

Use of a compact or a normal talc with a puff , is definitely recommended to hold the makeup firm in the place of the pimple prone area.

Step 5:

Distraction: The art os distraction can make or break your look. This tells u to shift the focus of the people watching or seeing u from your problem area to a “no problem” zone . Like if you have Pimples on your cheeks , then you should use some glossy lipsticks and so on . so that people’s attention shifts to your lips. If you have acne on ur chin and they r really terrible , then do not put too much shiny gloss on lips because it will further draw the watcher’s attention to the chin-lip area. Instead play with ur eyes and make them bold and dark. Again if you have pimples on your forehead then definitely you can play up some gloss and at the same time some bronzer or reddish blush to the cheeks can play the trick.

how to hide pimples with makeup 5 How To Hide Pimples With Makeup

That is all you need to know about how to hide pimple marks with makeup! Do let us know how this article helped you. Leave a comment below!


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