June 14, 2021
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Best Apps

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Best Apps

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Best Apps

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Best Apps

Are you looking for best iPhone and iPhone 6 Apps 2015?? Here are the top 20 iPhone 6 Plus Apps. You can download and install in your Apple iPhone 6 and later versions to have an unlimited  fun and usage. These are the most used iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus apps.  Just check them to download apps to your iPhone..

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Best Apps


Characteristically, Apple upgraded the majority of its applications to make full utilization of the new iPhone showcases, and iMovie is maybe the most fascinating. More space on the screen implies more space for altering and seeing your substance. However additionally the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are preferred camcorders over ever.

This mix of equipment and programming results in a little pocket feature recorder/alter suite you can use to shoot, alter and impart full motion pictures – and now all without squinting at alter focuses! (Note that in the event that you’ve purchased a 64 GB or 128 GB iPhone 6/6 Plus, iMovie will be preinstalled.)

  1. CRAB (£FREE)

In case we’re fair, we never thought we’d be singing the recognitions of Mr. Crab as an unquestionable requirement have diversion for the iPhone 6, yet here we are. This one-thumb stage amusement uses Metal in iOS 8, making for an excellent visual experience, and is additionally one of the not very many diversions to appropriately reformat itself for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It helps that it plays well, as well, your jumping auto-running crab discovering some way or another through progressively perplexing and confounding levels that are wrapped around immense shafts.

  1. DRAFTS 4 (£7.99)

The thought of composing on an iPhone once appeared to be truly very distraught, yet bigger models – and particularly the iPhone 6 Plus – plan to turn into your “beginning and end” gadget.

What you require, then, is a completely streamlined application that can adapt to writing down snappy thoughts, help you design long-structure organized duplicate with Markdown, and afterward hurl whatever you’ve penned to essentially any possible administration or application. In short: you need Drafts 4.

  1. SKY GUIDE (£1.99)

With regards to stargazing with an iPhone, Sky Guide is certainly the most usable and wonderful application of its kind. The interface is exquisite, and the application is pressed brimming with data, empowering you to dive profound into the actualities, or simply wind about the night sky. It likewise exploits Apple’s most recent unit: alongside being completely improved for new iPhones, a helpful Today see Notification Center gadget gives rise/set times for the sun, moon and planets.


Style is additionally the watchword of Twitterrific 5. While Tweetbot is amazingly effective, Twitterrific has an unparalleled feeling of configuration, with excellent subjects, typography and a delicacy of touch that works splendidly with Apple’s bigger iPhones.

This shouldn’t imply that its deficient in highlights, however: Twitterrific has live spilling, rundown administration, gestural controls, separating and quieting, course of events sync, and the sky is the limit from there. It’s additionally a free download, with some reasonable IAP accessible to the individuals who need push notices and no adverts.

  1. Day One (£3.99)

Journalling application Day One’s had a cluster of prizes tossed in its general course by Apple, and that shocks no one when you begin utilizing it. This is a smooth, perfectly composed application that is extremely usable and guarantees your substance radiates through.

For the new iPhones, you get a legitimately streamlined interface that just shows more stuff; and for iOS 8, there’s mix with Touch ID, Share sheets and a Today see gadget in Notification Center.

  1. TRANSMIT IOS (£7.99)

Before now, record administration on iOS was a significant agony, and excessively dependent on Dropbox, given that numerous applications coordinated with it to some degree. With extensible Share sheets on iOS 8, then again, the whole OS is opened up more than ever.

Transmit brings the smarts from Panic’s OS X application to the iPhone, blends it with an excellent and insignificant interface, furthermore makes utilization of the iPhone 6 Plus in scene by issuing you a double sheet view.  FTP, SFTP WebDAV, and S3 are upheld, issuing you the capacity to utilize perfect applications to make your own particular virtual distributed storage in seconds.

  1. GOODREADER (£3.99)

When we as of late addresses application devs about their trusts for the iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8, the CEO of GoodReader engineer Good.iWare commented that greater screens are better for perusing and commenting. It ought to consequently shock no one to see GoodReader immediately upgraded to backing the new iPhone screen sizes. There’s likewise bolster for Handoff (for sending what you’re perusing in the middle of gadgets), and the intends to import from and fare to iCloud Drive.

  1. PCALC (£7.99)

Most importantly, PCalc is an incredible mini-computer with a long legacy – the first Mac adaptation showed up route in 1992. On the iPhone, its the stage’s best conventional adding machine by a long shot, and this most recent upgrade is completely upgraded for Apple’s new shows. It additionally comes in a convenient Notification Center gadget and altering for your catch design, including the intends to make committed catches for performing changes or running capacities.

  1. Black-top 8: AIRBORNE (£FREE)

There’s more than a whiff of freemium pound about Asphalt 8, however that doesn’t prevent it from being one of the best arcade racers on the stage. It’s quick, angry and a tiny bit bonkers, with you zooming through strange tackles true urban communities.

With iOS 8’s Metal, you get suitably over-the-top visual impacts – Flames! Air-drag! – yet iPhone 6 and 6 Plus holders likewise appreciate a restrictive season that sets you against three times the same number of contradicting autos. (iPhone 5s and iPad Air holders are likewise grudgingly welcomed to this gathering.)

  1. Conveyances (£3.99)

In the event that you arrange a ton of things on the web, as we envision truly a couple Stuff perusers do, it pays to stay informed concerning them as they gradually work their direction towards your home. Conveyances has long been our most loved application for doing this.

You get a rundown of what’s en route and expected conveyance times, alongside a guide if areas are known. In iOS 8, there’s a Today see gadget, and in the event that you’ve an iPhone 6 Plus, there’s an iPad-like scene two-sheet view.

  1. Mix (FROM £FREE)

In the event that you have a greater iPhone, feature begins to turn into an all the more intriguing prospect. Obviously, large portions of the real players, (for example, BBC iPlayer and Netflix) now offer applications improved for fresher iPhones, however Infuse 3 picks up a section in this rundown through empowering you to watch practically any organization on your iPhone without transformation, actually spilling footage from an arranged PC or NAS.

  1. Work process (£3.99)

Work process’ an impeccable application for tinkerers. It’s stick stuffed loaded with activities that you can consolidate into work processes that spare you time via mechanizing methods. These can then be added to your home screen, or got to from Share sheets.

In case you’re feeling particularly languid, you can steal what others have done rather from a convenient online store. With bigger screens, you get the profit of seeing more at any given time, possibly making creating those work processes a ton simpler.

  1. SHADOWMATIC (£2.29)

Shadowmatic is a decently noodly, surrounding diversion, reminiscent of iOS excellent Zen Bound. At the same time as opposed to wrapping rope around items, here you turn suspending conceptual shapes to structure conspicuous outlines inside anticipated shadows.

It’s a standout amongst the most outwardly striking amusements on iOS, and this sort of material experience essentially feels such a great amount of better on a bigger screen.

  1. FANTASTICAL 2 (£2.99)

It doesn’t make a difference how enormous Apple makes your iPhone, the Calendar and Reminders applications are as yet going to be junk. You’re in an ideal situation supplanting them with the far predominant Fantastical 2, which has a direct rundown view for arrangements (that you can see a greater amount of on bigger gadgets), astounding regular dialect data for occasions, and the sort of usable week view you simply need to tape to Jony Ive’s brow, to reveal to him how it ought to have been carried out in-house.

  1. GARAGEBAND (£3.99)

GarageBand hits that sweet spot in being shockingly capable for artists, additionally amazingly available for newbs. So whether you support connecting to a guitar to explode your ears through insane twisting, tinkling advanced ivories, or relocating circles, you’re secured.

On the iPhone 5s, however, you expected to grind down your fingers to a point, to get at all of the interface; on a bigger iPhone, even the banana-thumbed can endeavor to inconvenience the graphs in a matter of seconds.


A few redesigns aren’t about rolling out radical improvements for new equipment, yet they stay pretty much as amazing all the same. Duolingo was dependably a top notch application, giving chomp estimated lessons for learning dialects in a fun and effortless way.

On the off chance that you’ve a bigger iPhone, the lean-back experience is enhanced, and the representation, interface and green owl’s tears (when you use up lives – the awfulness!) are all pin-sharp.

  1. CANABALT (£2.29)

When you consider gaming on an iPhone 6 Plus, you may float towards complex toll, however even straightforward titles can advantage from all that additional screen space.

Canabalt’s out of this world essential – the first interminable runner has a legend getting away citywide obliteration by jumping crosswise over housetops until he suddenly doesn’t (to a great extent by smacking into a divider). With the bigger presentation, you get divisions of a second more notice in regards to looming block based passing.

  1. MINDNODE (£7.99)

Alright, so we’re doffing our “business” cap a bit for this one, in that the thought of psyche mapping inspires considerations of meeting rooms and needing to suffocate yourself in espresso just to escape from interminable meeting damnation.

Anyhow hold up! MindNode is exquisite to use, and is truly phenomenal for drawing out thoughts for pretty much anything. Send out choices are abundant, and you get heaps of space to deal with a bigger iPhone.


In spite of the fact that iCloud Keychain empowers you to impart login and installment subtle elements crosswise over Apple unit, 1Password’s a superior wager. It’s cross-stage, stores way more information (counting secure notes, programming licenses and numerous personalities), and permits you to effortlessly alter all your data right on your iPhone.


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