June 14, 2021
iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3 5 Important Updates

iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3 5 Important Updates

iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3 5 Important Updates

iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3  5 Important Updates

The iOS 8.3 update arrived last week for the iPhone 6 Plus and other Apple devices. Huge number of  clients are quite recently seeing the iOS 8.3 update notice on the iPhone 6 Plus and this aide will walk you through five things you have to know before installing the report on your iPhone.

In this particular iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3 update article we will impart an update take a gander at our experience utilizing this upgrade and five points of interest that iPhone 6 Plus proprietors need to think about the most recent iOS 8 update now.

Apple conveyed iOS 8 with the iPhone 6 Plus last September and after a whirlwind of little updates in late 2014 and mid 2015 the organization is centered around real updates like iOS 8.3. This replaces the iOS 8.2 update that landed in March with Apple Watch similarity. iOS 8.3 still conveys that the Apple watch usefulness that you require, yet it additionally incorporates very nearly 70 fixes and new highlights to smooth out a few iOS 8 bugs and iOS 8.2 issues.

In the days since the iOS 8.3 discharge a week ago companions and clients got some information about the general iOS 8.3 execution on the iPhone 6 Plus and here we plan to answer those for everybody who possesses the greatest iPhone. Despite everything we’re dealing with a full iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3 survey for not long from now, however until that touches base here are five things you ought to know today.

iOS 8.3 Problems & Fixes

Despite the fact that this iPhone 6 Plus upgrade settles a great deal of issues, it is not bug free. There are grievances of iOS 8.3 issues on the Apple Support Forums and we as of late imparted an accumulation of iOS 8.3 issues that clients need to think about.

We’ve heard scattered reports of awful iOS 8.3 battery life on the iPhone, yet this is not a broad issue right now. In the event that you do experience awful battery life we offer a manual for fix those issues.

Another asset is our rundown of basic iOS 8.3 issues and fixes. Here you will discover the most concerning issues and how you can alter them without heading off to an Apple Genius for help.

iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3 Update Performance

Soon after the iOS 8.3 discharge we imparted an early audit of iOS 8.3 on the iPhone 6 Plus. Very little has changed since that update, which is something worth being thankful for. It is constantly conceivable that some little issue or bug will show up with extra use, yet that is not the situation.

In the wake of using the iPhone 6 Plus with an assortment of Bluetooth gadgets on LTE at home and on the go and on an accumulation of WiFi systems it is pass that there aren’t any network issues on our iPhone 6 Plus. While there are a few iOS 8.3 issues, none are affecting how we use the iPhone 6 Plus right now.

Why You Should Install iOS 8.3

The iOS 8.3 update incorporates a ton of bug fixes and cool new highlights like new emojis and a mystery Spock emoji. There are likewise new highlights in Messages that make it less demanding to report garbage writings and to channel obscure senders out of your primary Messages list. The slides at the base of this article demonstrate to you what’s new in iOS 8.3.

Maybe the main motivation to introduce the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3 update is that it explains the absolute most irritating iPhone 6 Plus issues we’ve encountered in the most recent six months. So far the scene bugs are gone, and Apple at long last called them out in the change log so we are confident that they will stay gone. Integration was and is strong, however in the event that you experience the ill effects of WiFi issues on iOS 8.2 or prior this update guarantees to tackle disengages and different issues.

In the event that you plan to use the Apple Watch that touches base on April 24th, or before long, you might likewise need to move up to iOS 8.3, regardless of the possibility that you are on iOS 8.2. On the off chance that you aren’t on iOS 8.2, then you without a doubt need to update or you won’t have the capacity to use the Apple Watch.

iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.2 Downgrade

Until further notice you can downsize from iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.2 in the event that you don’t care for the update. This alternative may just last one more week before Apple stop it, so on the off chance that you think you need to use this choice you ought to act now. You can use this manual for minimization to iOS 8.2.

Remember that you can’t minimization further,  so there is no real way to retreat to iOS 8.1.2 or a more seasoned form where you can jailbreak the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple includes more than 300 new iPhone emoji in iOS 8.3. There are new Emoji like the Apple Watch and another Mac, however most clients will concentrate on the expansion of all the more family decisions including more children, groups of two men or two ladies and now there is a choice to change the skin tone of numerous emoji.

With this update you can tap and hold to pick the skin tone of an emoji symbol for some emoji choices and after that tap to pick the shading choice. Tap and hang on another shading choice to make it the default. The iOS 8.3 emoji console for iPhone now offers persistent looking over so it is simpler to look through the emoji choices and find the ones you need.

iOS 8.3 jailbreak

There is no iOS 8.3 jailbreak yet, and we didn’t see an iOS 8.2 jailbreak. The most recent gab proposes we could be sitting tight a while for the iOS 8.3 jailbreak discharge in light of the fact that Apple settled a great deal of the security openings in iOS 8.

If  you are running a jailbreak iPhone 6 Plus and you requested an Apple Watch, you may need to settle on a choice in the following two weeks, in light of the fact that there is still no variant of iOS that works with an jailbreak and with the Apple Watch.


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