May 6, 2021
LG 4 Camera Compared with iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6

LG G4 Vs iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6

LG G4 Vs iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6

LG 4 Camera Compared with iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6

The Smartphones are coming up with its special lenses and cams . Laser Focus. Ultra Pixels. Frequently its simply bologna, however I’ve been utilizing the cam on the new LG G4 and it truly does experience the increase. Here is the comparison between LG4 , iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6. The LG 4 Cam offers a promising picture clarity when compared with S6 in various attempts. iPhone 6 is proven to be the best in some aspects due to high mega pixels.

The cam on the G4 ought to be incredible in principle, because of its 1/2.6-inch sensor size, which is bigger than most telephones’ 1/3 inch sensors. It additionally has a splendid f/1.8 lens and something many refer to as Laser Focus, which should be truly quick. Yet, specs and extravagant names just get you as such.

To test LG’s cases, I first did a speedy examination between the G4 and the G3 in sunlight and low light. There is truth be told a noteworthy change. So that is extraordinary!

However, I was more inquisitive about how the G4 stacks up to the opposition. I ran a few tests contrasting photographs from the G4 with a few the current most prevalent cell phones the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. Swaths of the telephone conveying populace swear by the iPhone cam, and in our late testing, the Galaxy S6 demonstrated to have impressive picture snapping insight. The ideal contenders.  The accompanying tests are 1:1 yields, and ought to be seen substantial with the amplify catch toward the side of every picture.


The principal correlation is a basic light cityscape to take a gander at the clarity of point of interest. Heavenly hellfire, the outcomes. The G4 thumps it out of the game centre, indicating clearer, more keen point of interest. The iPhone 6 resembles a wreck alongside it, with the Galaxy S6 some place in the centre. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with determination. It’s actual that the iPhone has a large portion of the megapixels other two telephones (8 versus 16), however that shouldn’t make any difference. On the off chance that you resize the G4 and S6 down to 8 megapixels, despite everything they demonstrate better detail than the iPhone.

Low Light

The G4 applies substantially more forceful clamour diminishment than the other two telephones, which generally makes for a foggy debacle. Be that as it may, it really holds up really well against the S6 and iPhone. Where the G4 flounders is precision of shading. The iPhone has the best shading offset of the three, which you can see most unmistakably in the white lettering on the brew bottle. Anyway, I would at present call the G4 a nice entertainer in low light.

Front-Facing Cam

LG made an enormous ado about its selfie cam being incredible, and not a bargain like it is on most telephones. I put on my best dreadful/startled/cool gentleman confront and snapped a shot. Tragically reality didn’t adjust to LG’s case. The G4’s front-confronting cam delivered a far blurrier picture than what the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 created.

From these constrained tests, you can see that the G4 cam is a blended pack, in any case sparkles in the absolute most regular circumstances. Sunshine photographs totally sing, and low light photographs are not terrible! I didn’t report it, however when contrasting auto-centre speeds, the G4 was keeping pace with the S6, both of which were obviously speedier than the iPhone. What’s more, unquestionably you could do different tests, gagging things like glimmer and adjustment.

Anyhow, for us pixel-peepers, its awesome to see such pleasant point of interest from a cam telephone. I would say its difficult to improve unless you strive for a Nokia Lumia telephone. Anyhow, let’s be honest, that is not an appealing recommendation to most. For Android fans, the G4 will get you awesome photographs. Great job, LG.


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