Marble Nail Art Designs Step by Step

nail art1 Marble Nail Art Designs Step by Step

Painting your nails can be a daunting task, especially when you’re attempting a complicated design. And the most common nail art fails usually have marble in the title, so we enlisted the help of nail pro Holly Falcone to show us an incredibly simple three-step method to getting perfectly marbled nails every time.

Step 1: Apply the lighter color

marble nail art 1 2 Marble Nail Art Designs Step by Step

Using the lighter of your chosen shades, apply a coat of polish and let it dry. Then, apply an extra thick coat of polish — the excess is what will mix with your second color to create the marbling.

Note: You can pick any two colors of nail polish for this tutorial so long as they contrast, but Falcone advises against metallics, as they tend to separate.


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