June 14, 2021
Hair Products

Must have Hair Products

Must have hair products

Hair Products

We would love spending worth time at the parlour. However, when it comes to wash your own hair, blow dry it and treat it at home all by yourselves, you need to consider having some good hair products at home. Now is that you need to have these hair products must at home to give your hair an extra care

A sneak peek at the best hair products for women which are a must in our drawer:

Top Hair Products for Women

Hair Brush :

Hair Brush

A good quality hair brush is a must for all. The better your brush, the healthier your hair. A boar head bristles brush is what you need. The flexible bristles will work on your damaged hair, preventing it from breaking.

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Shampoo :


Shampoo is something which all of us use to clean our scalp. But are you choosing the right shampoo? Is your shampoo making your hair drier and frizzy? Avoid chemical based shampoos. Pick a mild one, one which has natural products in its ingredient list. Or else, if you have the patience and time, make your own shampoo.

Conditioner :


Conditioning your hair after shampoo is a must. It restores the moisture that your hair loses after shampoo. Conditioners also leave your hair tangle-free. Apply conditioner to every strand of your hair and leave for some time. Wash it off thoroughly. Your hair will feel as smooth as silk. So, invest in a good conditioner, but never go for a shampoo cum conditioner combo. However if you do not want to hunt through thousands of shops to get a good moisturising conditioner, make one at home.

Wide toothed comb :

Wide Toothed Comb

This has to be a priority in your drawer. As you already know that it is not very advisable to comb wet hair, combing it after it is half-dried is fine. At this time you would need a wide toothed comb. This will detangle your hair making it easier to brush through.

Hair Serum :

Hair Serum

Another product to detangle hair and tame frizzy hair. If your hair is thin, don’t use too much. It may weigh down your hair and make it look more limp. Learn to make your own natural chemical-free serum.

Dry shampoo or talcum powder :

A must have for one of your bad days when your hair looks oily and you desperately need to give it a boost and that too in a short while.

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Blow dryer :

Hair Dryer

A woman’s friend, blow dryer is for everyday use. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t possess a blow dryer. A good hair dryer makes a huge difference to your styling experience. Choose a good branded one. A higher wattage rating will give high power to produce a strong steady supply of air. Also make sure that the dryer itself is not too heavy. Most importantly look for the features of the dryer. Make sure it comes with a nozzle/diffuser attachment. Also ensure that the dryer has a “cool air” button too. Its better not to expose your hair to too much heat.

Hair straightener & Curler :

Hair Straightener Curler In One

Yes, these are harmful for your hair. They dry out your hair and also rips the natural moisture of it. But possessing one in your drawer isn’t a harm and using it once in three four months also won’t damage your hair. But everytime after you use these tools, make sure you supplement your hair with oil and conditioners.

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Hair Spray :

Hair Spray

A perfect bun or French twist or some soft curls- these hairstyles need patience and time. You won’t want them to get messed up just like that. So this is one perfect hair care products for woemn to hold your hair style in place for longer hours. Also protects your hair against humidity and harmful UV rays.


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