May 13, 2021
Nail Art

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Nail Art

Nail Art

This Nail art inspired from Belle movie there were many Amazing and beautiful designs and patterns, it’s inspired this nail art design.

Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1:

Before going to apply base coat clean your nails and make good shape

Step 2:

After base coat apply also coat white polish to all nails.

Step 3:

Paint a thing coat of mint polish over your thumb and center finger and do the same with a light pink color polish to your pointer and pinky color finger.

Step 4:

  • Then take your black striper and make the frame for the silhouette of the women by drawing a BIG oval. And fill in the outside with your black striper.
  • Paint the upside down “V” at the bottom of the oval for the shape of her body and place her head with a large dotting tool dipped in black polish. Gently draw on her hair and curled ponytail with a black striper.
  • for complete the face, square off her forehead and chin and make a small speck for her nose. Use a small dotting tool dipped in white polish to add her pearl necklace.
  • Then dip that same small dotting tool in an opaque pink polish to add two dots on top of her head for the bow. Finish the bow with a thin nail art brush dipped in the opaque pink polish.
  • Use your white striper to paint a BIG circle around the oval to complete the frame around the silhouette.

Step 5:

  • Take your large dotting tool dipped in the opaque polish you used for the bow on top of her head and dot or drag a couple three pointed flower shapes on the mint nails.
  • Use your small dotting tool dipped in dark green polish to place two leaves to each flower.
  • Now take your white striper and scrape off most of the polish off the brush to add the accents to the inside of the flower.
  • Always start with a small c in the middle of each flower and draw two or three more around that on the inside of each pink flower.

Step 6:

Use your white striper to paint pinstripes on the pink nails. and finish with top coat

What you will Need

Nail Art


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