Nail Arts Tutorial

nail art tutorial 24 Nail Arts Tutorial : Cartoon Heart

It’s a very girly and simple design that only takes little time to make. Use it for a few accent nails and it’s a cute way to add something extra to your mani. So go get your brushes and let’s do some nail art.

Step 1:
First apply your base color (if necessary with a basecoat underneath) and let it dry. Here I used a polish with a creme finish (China Glaze Sea Spray), but you could also use a shimmer or subtle glitter polish, to give the design more depth.

nail art tutorial 32 Nail Arts Tutorial : Cartoon Heart

Step 2:
Then use a nail art brush to draw the shape of a heart with black nail polish or acrylic paint and fill it in. The advantage of using acrylic paint instead of nail polish is it’s usually very pigmented, has a short drying time and it’s easier to work with, because it has a smoother formula. Above all that, it’s relatively much cheaper than nail polish.¬†I drew my heart at the tips, with a part of the shape cut off. This is to make it seem like it’s ‘floating’. But of course you can draw the heart anywhere you like, in the middle, at the top, big or small, it’s all up to you.

nail art tutorial 42 Nail Arts Tutorial : Cartoon Heart

Step 3:
After the black heart has dried, paint another heart in it with an opaque color of your choice. Most people would take a red or a pink for hearts, but because the heart shape is such a fun and recognisable one, you really could use any color for it. Just pick anything that goes well with your base color.

nail art tutorial 52 Nail Arts Tutorial : Cartoon Heart

As a finishing touch, add a typical cartoon shine to the heart, by making one big and one small dot with a dotting tool.¬†Finally apply your topcoat, clean up and you’re done! Pretty simple.

nail art tutorial 13 Nail Arts Tutorial : Cartoon Heart

To clean your nail art brush(es), pour a little bit of nail polish remover in a small dish or the lid of the bottle. Let your brush soak in it for a few seconds and dab it a few times on a cotton pad. Repeat this until your brush is clean.


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