June 14, 2021
Pineapple Nails

Pineapple Nails

Pineapple Nails

Pineapple Nails

Pineapple Nails and Pineapple Nail Art Tutorial – Pineapple Nail Art Step by step – More Nail art Step by Step at nailartsdesign.com and more check nail art

Pineapple Nails

Step 1: Start with a coat of HotPink Polish on all nails.

Step 2: Paint a yellow tip on each of your nails except your ring fingers and thumbs.

Step 3: Paint a green line on the lower end of the yellow tip.

Step 4: With yellow polish, paint a “triangle” on your ring finger and thumb.

Step 5: With the green polish, paint some smudge looking leafs or branches on the tip of the triangles.

Step 6: With a brown polish, mimic some lines across the yellow triangle (pineapple) crisscross effect, like little exes.

Step 7: Finally with some black polish draw some smaller lines/dots on the middle of the green smudge looking leafs or branches.

Step 8: Place a clear coat of polish to seal the design and you are done!

Pineapple Nails

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