Rainbow Nails

rainbow nails Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Nails and Nail Art Rainbow Designs – More Rainbow designs at nailartsdesigns.com and more Nail Art Rainbow designs by neo – Latest Rainbow designs

rainbow nails 8 Rainbow Nails

Some time ago I fell in love with rainbow nails. I wanted to try them out but somehow I didn’t have patience to do them. So one day, when I was really really bored, I knew I had to give them a try.

It’s all about gradient and with a perfect color combination you can make amazing rainbow nails. I wish I had a collection of neons, because you know how much I adore neons and rainbow neon manicure sounds awesome!


More Nails:

rainbow nails 1 Rainbow Nails


rainbow nails 9 Rainbow Nails

Design 2:

rainbow nails 5 Rainbow Nails

Design 3:

rainbow nails 6 Rainbow Nails

Design 4:

rainbow nails 7 Rainbow Nails

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