April 10, 2021
Small Life Style Changes with Big Health Payoffs

Small Life Style Changes with Big Health Payoffs

Small Life Style Changes with Big Health Payoffs

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If you are trying to spend more time in gym, change your diet lifestyle just to make bring yourself to your comfort zone then see below the small changes to give you significant health payoffs.

Floss more often

You don’t believe but flossing is the easiest method to remove bad bacteria from your body. Bacteria and plaque is constantly building in teeth where brush normally does not reach. The bacteria can orally enter your bloodstream and can cause issues later.

Eat every 2 to 3 hours during day

Converting 2 big meals in a day into 3 or more smaller meals will help you a lot. You feel satisfied whole day. Try having fruits or nuts regularly which are good for health and keep drinking water so that you feel stuffed and healthy.

Make your coffee at home

We might feel often lazy and have a tendency for have coffee coming to your bed or going out to have a fresh coffee. But during the same process, you might end up having other breakfast items without knowing that you are adding unnecessary calories. Try to get up early and prepare your own coffee and breakfast which is healthy.

Wear a pedometer

Pedometer can be the most affordable and effective fitness tool. It not only helps you know how much you many steps you have taken in a day but become a challenging and fun activity where you try to increase you steps each day. This also helps in motivating your family members.

Sleep in you exercise clothes (comfortable clothes)

This is a simplest trick which will help you save a lot of time also keep you motivated. Try sleeping with your gym clothes with your sneaks and sports bra reachable. Most of us waste a lot of time in getting read and give unnecessary reasons to avoid the exercise.

Do your Kegels

Kegel exercises are for women who have urinary incontinence which is commonly found 1 in 4. These exercises improve a lot and help you feel confident.

Give yourself a compliment

Try to compliment yourself on what you can do will help you in boosting your self confidence. Instead of how you look or what you cannot do, see what you can do and encourage yourself in doing that. Motivation is the key factor to improve your confidence and be always in a comfort zone.

Get your Vitamin D levels checked

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and it is produced when your body is exposed to sunlight and naturally found in fish, egg yolks, dairy, etc. Get a Vitamin D check up in your blood to ensure that you are not deficient of it as it can lead to certain heart diseases, cancer, etc.

Switch from instant to steel-cut oats

Most of us are having oats as a healthy breakfast which feels you satisfied for a long time. Try having steel-cut oats which are less processed, contains more fibre and feels you satisfied for a long time. Healthy breakfast is essential in a day.

Turn on some classical music at dinner

Your mind and body mimic the music pace surrounded by you. If you are listening to fast beats then you tend to take more bites and taking more calories. Consider the slow classical music which you like and then you end up eating less enjoying the music.

These are few simple changes which should help you in minimising health issues in long term.


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