May 13, 2021
Weight Loss

The Calorie Counting Magic to Lose Weight

The Calorie Counting Magic to Lose Weight

Weight Loss

Counting on calories is not an easy business to do. Counting calories has become a trend in the 20th century. At that time, scientist Wilbur Atwater noticed that if you put food  in a machine, called a “bomb calorimeter,” and burned it, you could measure the ash and heat to find out how much “energy” was released and therefore how much “energy” was in the food. The idea went viral, and people started to count on their calories- that is, calculating exactly how many calories were consumed when eating particular food. Calorie intake has a huge impact on the speed of your metabolism. Calories counting is all about how many calories you  take in and how many calorie you burn to maintain the weight.

Weight Loss

Keep your logical lens and think. What exactly does counting calories stand for. Calorie counting is nothing but finding the “exercise equivalent” of a item. What we ate will be converted  into fat and will be stored in a place where it fits. But how long will it take for us to empty that space occupied by that fat? Have you ever gave it a thought? If not, let’s give it a thought for a while.

“Simply being aware of how many calories an item has isn’t really that meaningful,” says study author Sara Bleich, PhD, an associate professor of health policy and management.  “The exercise equivalent of an item is easier to comprehend and carries more weight than calories alone.”

While it is mainly concentrated on teens, Bleich says that all of us could benefit from making a moving picture of how to expel our sweat to nullify our calories. We have to agree with this. Because one cheesed pizza won’t seem a lieu for a 2-hour walk on the treadmill.

Of course, it is must to treat and feed to your stomach full. But, totally giving up on calories is not a healthy choice to choose. If you are unable to control your taste buds from tasting all those rich-in calorie foods the these tips will help you to hold your tongue tight.

Here is a small calorie chart that will blow your mind:

100 calories = 21 minutes brisk walking, or 8 minutes running, or 10 minutes cycling, or 11 minutes swimming

500 calories = 106 minutes brisk walking, or 40 minutes running, or 50 minutes cycling, or 57 minutes swimming.

1,000 calories = 211minutes brisk walking, or 80 minutes running, or 100 minutes cycling, or 115 minutes swimming

1,500 calories = 316 minutes brisk walking, or 120 minutes running, or 150 minutes cycling, or 172 minutes swimming

2,000 calories = 422 minutes brisk walking, or 160 minutes running, or 200 minutes cycling, or 229 minutes swimming.

Now, how do you feel reading the never ending calorie chart? Is it fun? No, right? Then it’s time for you to wake up from your dreams in creams and start counting on your calories. Instead of counting it as calorie intake, count it as the calories you have to burn doing stunts on the treadmill. Enjoy your counting!!!

Weight Loss


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