There’s Life After 50 – These Celebrities Prove it

makeup There’s Life After 50 – These Celebrities Prove it

Definitely, I will agree with there is a life after 50 even they got married having children still she have so many responsibilities I will believe if she has talent and creating her own style maintain as regular then she will. Women can do anything if she wants and many are proved in so many fields we take examples as Madonna, Monica Bellucci, and Edwina Currie, says Glenda Cooper. They are so many rumors on them and all will talk bad about in exposing sence,  they have right and they are still maintain it so they can what they want in any respect. The respective thing is another matter but they are rocking in their sence.


madonna There’s Life After 50 – These Celebrities Prove it

Modonna who had given last interview for a magazine with small top and at front coverage picture nobody can expect her she will give like that even after turning 50 but particular she can’t behave in a bad manner. She is confined to the good behavior what she is!

Monica Bellucci

monica There’s Life After 50 – These Celebrities Prove it

Another lady Monica Bellucci who is a 56 old lady had opened a secret she might be interested in a bond of 57 year old lady and interested in dating. As she is the celebrity she is having that proudness and probably without any regrets all will accept her and her spoken words.

Edwina Currie

Edwina Currie There’s Life After 50 – These Celebrities Prove it

Another lady Currie’s has an  affair  with John Major, she revealed her secrets in a diaries due to some controversial and issues she apologies too, you can’t pretend any one and judge anyone for their mistakes or any abused things. Some must felt really bad and disagree, that she may not be frank about her history background. Openness always you face some problems and that must hidden in a box just like a jeweler and you have to keep smile on your face.

Celebrates are always are under the spot of lights, their life is always exposure to all but why other will bother about their social history and why can’t they show interest on their own life. At the same if she is maintaining her body then she have right on her body to expose even after 5o. Mostly people can’t makeup her face after 50 and these people proves there is a life after 50.

At the same time we have to accept the truth of being exposure is not a symbol of fame or anything. More if you are exposed unnecessarily in the next you can’t in heights. Giving topless postures is also not for sake of money of for fame it is the situation demands they will agree and they will have right to decide the thing being popular. Becoming is not so easy you have to bear all the situations that comes under every media focuses on celebrities thinking that they don’t have personal life.

Madonna don’t care if anybody can say anything about and it doesn’t matter. Now a day’s no one likes to look old they will put pressure on them like waxing, facials, massages and laser treatment, thinking of not become old is good but you have to see relevant idea to do good and see better results one can do irregular of age like exercises, yoga and 3 days of gym is more than enough to maintain your body. For celebrities chance of getting offers is 50% and for normal people they can rock in any field irrespective of age if they have their talent and no need to depend. Society will accepts you and encourages you to do things better. Don’t underestimate in anything who are old.


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