May 13, 2021
Kesh King Herbal Shampoo with herbal conditioner

Top 10 Amazing Ayurvedic Shampoos That Prevent Hair Fall

As we all know the native Indian medicine, also called Ayurveda treats various health diseases with the help of nature gifted medicinal plants right from our ancient times. We often follow simple treatments of Ayurveda for cold, cough etc without knowing that they are actually from Ayurveda.

Hair fall is a common issue seen these days for both men and women. We usually try to check out various shampoos available in the market to suit our needs and then end up spending lots of money with no or few results. The chemicals used in the products tend to give you easy and instant results but in the long run they can damage your hair.

We recommended you to try using Ayurveda products and compare the results. These products give your hair a natural care and nourishment to give you a nice shiny looks. We have listed below top 10 ayurvedic conditioners and shampoos you can choose and which are pretty easy to use.

Patanjli Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Hair Cleanser:

This product is from “Divya Pharmacy” which was founded by famous Yoga guru Baba Ramdev. The shampoo helps in controlling the hair fall and also in controlling the greyness of hair. This herbal product helps in dryness and roughness of hair. Being a product made from ayurvedic ingredients this is completely free from side effects.

Patanjli Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Hair Cleanser


  • Nice fruity smell.
  • Smooth and soft texture
  • Reasonably priced
  • Hair feels soft and clean
  • Good consistency and mild shampoo


  • Not available easily but still you can ask for.
  • Hair could feel greasy at the end of the day
  • Don’t expect dandruff will be cleaned.


Kesh King Herbal Shampoo with herbal conditioner:

This shampoo contains Aloe Vera which helps in controlling the dandruff by taking care of fungal infection caused by dandruff. The natural moisture given to hair will help in attaining longer, stronger and smoother look. The product also claims to nourish hair from hair roots and scalp, stops prematuring of hair and helps in hair growth.

Kesh King Herbal Shampoo with herbal conditioner


  • Single wash is sufficient to rinse oil
  • Small quantity is sufficient for good lather
  • Hair colour is maintained
  • Assists hair growth


  • Expensive
  • Hair might become dry and rough
  • Too thick to use.


Trichup Complete Hair Care Shampoo:

Trichup Complete Hair Care Shampoo is made from Aloe Vera and Henna, and helps in soothing dry scalp and improves hair’s moisture balance. It controls in reducing hair fall. There are no side effects as the ingredients are all natural and ayurvedic.

Trichup Complete Hair Care Shampoo


  • Very mild shampoo
  • Nice fragrance
  • Shampoo gives good results when not your hair is not oiled
  • Works best when you have dry scalp
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • It can be used for coloured hair.
  • Protein rich shampoo helps in hair strengthening.


  • Expensive
  • Does not clean hair properly
  • Large quantity is required to rinse off oil.

Shahnaz Husain Shamla Scalp Cleanser:

Shahnaz Husain is one of the leading brand names in the field of beauty care and treatments. This product is based on Amla which has lot of medicinal properties and also helps in growing hair stronger. The product claims that it helps in improving hair shafts and in controlling dandruff.

Shahnaz Husain Shamla Scalp Cleanser


  • Reduces dandruff and itchiness
  • Improves hair density
  • Hair quality is improved
  • Improves hair shine


  • Expensive

SESA Hair Protein Shampoo:

SESA Hair Protein shampoo gives you nourishment and strength to hair as it has extracts of wheat germ oil, Vitamin C and E, green apple. It also has Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil which helps in preventing hair fall giving you bounce and shine to hair.

SESA Hair Protein Shampoo


  • It has a pleasant smell
  • Economically priced
  • Hair is cleaned properly


  • Very thick consistencey
  • Not very effective

Pukhraj Aloe Aroma Shampoo:

This shampoo is very mild conditioner which will work on any type of hair. The company also claims that the premature greyness of hair and scalp treatment is prevented by maintaining pH balance.

Pukhraj Aloe Aroma Shampoo


  • Nice pleasant fruity smell
  • Reduces itchiness
  • Makes hair soft
  • Simple packaging


  • Hair would feel roughness
  • Very thick in consistency
  • Little expensive

Biotique Bio Soya Protein Shampoo:

The shampoo is made from wild turmeric extracts, pure soya bean proteins and bearberry which help in cleaning your hair without disturbing its natural pH balance. It also aids in bringing a shiny look to the hair while preventing colour fadeness

Pukhraj Aloe Aroma Shampoo


  • Healthy shine to hair
  • Choice for naturally damaged hair
  • Very economically priced
  • The hair and scalp do not dry out.


  • Conditioners are still required
  • Does not completely wash off dandruff

VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair fall shampoo:

VLCC is a noted brand in the area of beauty related products. This shampoo is ideal for repairing dull and damaged hair and to prevent hair fall. This special hair shampoo is specially made using hibiscus flowers as special minerals are found which help in reducing hair fall. The company claims that the regular usage of this shampoo will strengthen the hair from root and reduce hair fall.

VLCC Hibiscus Anti Hair fall shampoo


  • Honey like texture
  • Affordable pricing
  • Decent packing
  • Good amount lather with little amount


  • Hair would be dry and rough
  • Smells like medicine.

Tatha Nature’s Blessing Shampoo – Hair Fall:

This shampoo cleanses the hair with the help of natural ingredient present in it and help in preventing the hair fall. It could be difficult to find in the market as it is not so popular brand yet.

Tatha Nature’s Blessing Shampoo – Hair Fall


  • Gives a feel of ayurvedic products.
  • Nice texture and pleasant smell
  • It is gentle on hair and scalp.


  • Expensive
  • Hard to find in the market
  • Large quantity is required for good lather.

Khadi Herbal Shampoo (Neem):

Being a common brand in the natural products, Khadi has brought this shampoo especially for the irritated and itchy scalp. The shampoo is supplemented from the with the extracts Tulasi and Neem.

Khadi Herbal Shampoo


  • Generates good lather
  • Affordable price
  • Removes oil from hair effectively
  • Easily available


  • Very strong smell
  • Conditioner has to be used else hair becomes dry


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