May 6, 2021
Top 10 Ways to Keep Low Blood Pressure

Top 10 Ways to Keep Low Blood Pressure without Medicine

Top 10 Ways to Keep Low Blood Pressure without Medicine

Top 10 Ways to Keep Low Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is common in recent years where several middle age people are suffering. Due to this blood pressure you have to change so many things and we have to change our life style take should have to take in order to maintain it as low as possible and one more things that really troubles us is taking plenty of tables. If there is b.p then there is chance of getting several diseases in comman like sugar.

In blood pressure also there is two types high blood pressure and low blood pressure. Low pressure is not much effective even small aged people also suffers with low blood pressure due to not proper eating and fasting’s girls would more effect for this low blood pressure. You have to medicines to control it but, some people feels irritated for using medicines and they want to keep blood pressure in low without medicines. Follow some tips that keeps you your B.P in low and certain care have to take under doctor consultation with regular checkup and follow this guidelines which keeps you away of B.P

1. Your weight is in your hands.

Reduce your weight now what you are to low, based on your height. Your weight is your second enemy causing you to face trouble. Check your weight regularly. Men  waist have to be 40cm and women waist have to be 35cms. Follow the measurements based on our BMI report. I think you know what the BMI is and how they calculate.

2. Mind peace

Keep your mind peace and don’t get irritated for silly things that mostly get irritable. You can do meditation for making your mind peaceful. Generally people who are having high blood pressure gets irritated and reaches their B.P to peak . This type of  situation never face you go for your mind peacefulness.

3. Exercises

Exercises keeps you healthy and it improves your blood circulation and all hormones works in a proper condition and your blood pressure is also under control. Divide your regular habit of  exercises like walking, jogging, pushups and tummy rotating.

4. Diet plan

Your Diet plan is in perfect and some changes have to made not just like routine and have to take in regular time period. Your food habit is makes your life journey in easy way otherwise your body will face so many problems like these type of common diseases. You should be better to avoid rice at night times and take roti instead of that. Completely eliminate deep fried items and eat with leafy vegetables and a cup of rice during lunch only one time of eating rice is enough.

5. Follow Medication

Follow medication regularly also keeps you decrease in b.p

6. Reduce sodium in your diet.

It is not so easy to eat without salt and without is tasteless, but salt increases your blood pressure very fast. Instead of salt you can use ayurvedic product that will reduce your blood pressure.

7. Stop taking alcohol.

Not only for reducing usually taking regularly also affects your liver and heart attack problems which leads to several problems it is  very good thing to eliminate at first.

8. Stop Smoking

Smoking is a very bad habit as it kills your cell which leads to cancer and so many disorders now a days which we are coming across. Stop  smoking and it is good for your health.

9. Breath Deeply.

You are feeling bored with yoga and if you are not taking try atleast this deep breath actually it keeps you away from b.p  and makes to low. Take it five times in the morning after bed. And 5 times while going to bed.

10. Cut Beverages like coffee

Caffaine is not good for health and addict to that coffee and don’t take it more than 1 cup, instead  you can take green tea.


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