March 9, 2021

How Having Unwanted Hair Removed with Lasers Works

Removing hair with lasers may sound like a drastic treatment measure. After all, shaving and waxing at home have been traditional hair removal methods for years. However, if you are tired of the fast regrowth that occurs after such procedures, laser hair removal offers a much more efficient and convenient solution.

Qualifying for Laser Hair Removal Procedures

You cannot simply walk into a skincare clinic and have a laser hair removal treatment on the spot. You must schedule treatments ahead of time, and you can only do so if you qualify for the procedure. If you have light colored skin and dark hair you are likely to be approved for the procedure. But if the reverse is true you may have more difficulty because most hair removal lasers target dark areas. Therefore, your hair needs to be the darkest thing in the treatment area.

Granted, there are a wide range of professional hair-removal devices for sale and used in clinics today that use lasers. Some of them can treat darker skin, but there are risks involved. Namely, skin can become discolored, causing a blotchy appearance. Therefore, it is important to be treated by a knowledgeable clinician who can serve as a guide and limit your side effect risks.

Treating Your Entire Body with Lasers

Although some forms of hair removal can take long periods of time and treat small areas, the reverse is true of lasers. You can easily have treatment done on a large section of your skin, such as your back or legs. However, treatments are also precise enough to be used in smaller areas, as needed. Almost your entire body can potentially be treated, assuming you are a candidate for the procedure. Although, individual treatments are focused on specific body parts.

How Hairs Are Removed Using Lasers

Lasers are focused beams of light of a particular wavelength. Your laser treatment technician can use pulses of that light to weaken the hair shafts and follicles. In the process, melanin will be removed. Melanin gives skin and hair its color. Therefore, when the hair falls out and eventually regrows, it is likely to be lighter in color. The regrowth process may take weeks, as opposed to regrowth after shaving, which usually happens within a few days.

When You Will See Laser Hair Removal Results

One of the biggest laser hair removal myths is that the hair will fall out during your appointment. That is not true. It may take up to two weeks for hair loss after treatment to occur. It may also take up to six treatments for the best results. Even then, you may only experience a certain amount of hair loss, so some at-home maintenance will be required. Although each case is different, 70 to 80 percent hair loss in the treatment area is common.

Laser Hair Removal and Controlling Treatment Discomfort

Laser hair removal is not the most comfortable skincare treatment, but it also is not the least comfortable one. The discomfort you may experience could include sensations similar to mild static shocks along with a fair amount of heat. Your clinician may use numbing and cooling techniques to manage those feelings during treatment. He or she may also recommend that you take a mild over-the-counter pain medication. It is best to call ahead to get exact instructions, since you may be told to take such medication before arriving for your appointment.


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