Ways to Burn Belly Fat Faster on Your Next Run

Ways to Burn Belly Fat Faster on Your Next Run

Eating the food in right quantity and doing exercise only don’t reduce your weight. You have to give more preference to the fat burning foods and exercises. Here we are providing some ways or techniques that help your weight lose program.

Switch Up Your Place

  • Here we are providing some workouts for you to try instead of running at the same place for the entire workout.
  • Treadmill workout for 45 minutes for burning more fat.
  • Walking and jogging workout for burning 300 calories.
  • Make pyramid intervals for 30 minutes.
  • Do swimming interval workout.
  • Do walk, run, sprint workout for 45 minutes.
  • Do elliptical interval workout  for 45 minutes.

Go a Little Longer

To decrease over all body weight, and to burn calories which are present in your body, you have to lengthening your workouts. By this you can burn about 45 calories for 5 minutes. And it helps to motivate you.

High Knees

You are doing more hard work to reduce your overall body weight, which will slim your belly, such that you can reveal your toned abs. Here am one way to strengthen your core. Do a minute of interval in which you run with high knees. Kick your knees up as high as you can by concentrating on your abs.

Try This Killer Treadmill Move

Here we are providing a treadmill move. Put your feet on a plyo box and come to the plank position with your hands straddling the tread mill belt. Move your hands on the belt and start walking. Do this for a minute by pulling your towards you spine.