May 6, 2021
Weight Loss Tips 2015

Weight Loss Tips 2015

Weight Loss Tips 2015

Weight Loss Tips 2015

It’s an every year number one resolution to shape up, lose a few ponds, and look healthier and confident. How many of us write resolutions?? Yes we all do write resolutions and among those 80% of the top most resolution stand high on lose weight this year, work out this year, join gym, walk or jog, join yoga etc.

Why and how people fail to accomplish this resolution??

No time to exercise? No matter how busy is our schedule, unless we pin it to heart that we must lose weight, we are not going to do it. So what is important is, to make it an important task and mark it a high priority.

Many are not good at making resolutions. Many make goals which are not realistic. Few people don’t take those resolutions very seriously. But for 2015 there are a few goals and tips which are achievable and realistic.

Health resolutions and weight loss

To stay healthier and lose few pounds you can select online training motivators who will guide you to stay healthier and happier. They also track your progress via email and update on where we stand in terms of progressing. You can also use weight calculator. Put your height weight and calculate your BMI in Bmi calculator and then calculate your weight.

Trainers and coach will guide you through in calculating weight. Along with them there will be a proper dietician to make you understand your diet plan. Each food reacts in a different way on each person. This stands great to make you get motivated and feel fit. If you tend to forget on exercising and eating habits, the guide will help you in keeping you in track and stay motivated.

Install Weight loss App for iOS

It’s a tremendous calorie calculator with amazing information on nutrition. It will help you to understand what to eat and what not, which food will add calories and which will not. If you find it difficult to understand how many calories you ate and how many are actually burnt, this app stands outstanding. This can be tracked from your laptop, computer, tablet and mobile

Is starving better approach to lose weight?

Starving is a strict no for weight loss. In fact it makes you gain more weight. You will lose energy in turn it will make you crave for processed food high fat food and high fructose food. And you will end up eating more calories and more sugar which causes weight gain.

Does not use weight loss products?

We see too many weight loss pills and products in the market. Unless your physician advice you to go for weight loss pills you are not suppose to go for such products. You never know how it will have reactions on your body. Some might gain more weight. As each person reacts differently to different weight loss products as everyone will have their own metabolic rate and behavior.

We pay High for fatty food

While we concentrate on having only healthy food, we also think of enhancing bills. However it is not shooting up. We end up paying a lot to processed food and high fat food. The amount of bill which we pay to doctors for the diabetic, obesity and other heart issues, this healthy diet bill is a very lean bill. We don’t pay little and get more food at the junk stations and food court; it is just that we tend to forget what we purchased in the happiness of eating processed food.

Eat less – Move more

In the process of losing weight, we tend to plan a heavy exercise schedule. The approach should be gradual. Start with a half hour walk and half hour work out. People with age group from 20 – 60 years should work out at least for 120 minutes.

Try to cut a little on what you are eating regularly, the quantity. Especially when you are consuming fatty food try and avoid eating heavy. Eating heavy not only makes you lazy but also adds more calories. You need to burn more calories than what you consume.

Watch out labels

Few labels are misleading. Low calorie need not be low in calories. High calorie, yes they will do justice to the label. Whenever you purchase any food from market, read the content of the pack, these days most of the food has high fructose levels. If there is high fructose corn syrup is labeled in the contents do not buy such products as there will be sweeten soda in it. Sometimes low in fat food may contain high fat in it.

Adequate Carbohydrates

One needs to know how much carbohydrate to be consumed. Eating appropriate carbohydrate will not make you gain weight. But eating heavy carbohydrate will definitely make you gain weight. Consuming whole meal carbohydrates, brown bread and brown rice is an ideal way to consume carbohydrate.


Snacks can help you lose, but having it at right intervals. Important thing is to substitute chips, chocolates, coffee and tea with fruits, juices and vegetables. Eating junk will help you in gaining weight but not losing weight. Eat sandwich with brown bread. Eat roasted brown bread rolls and salads. Use honey and jaggery instead sugar.

Do not skip Meals

Skipping meals is negative sign while you are working on weight lose program. Either you decrease the food quantity you consume or increase the calories you burn. You plan accordingly, but do not skip your meal at all.


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