May 9, 2021
Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter season has come. It is the most troubling season for many of the people who have dry skin  itchiness, flaking, tautness is common in this season. You have to take a daily care to prevent from these problems in winter season. Not only the people with dry skin, everybody will suffer with most of the dryness skin problems in this season. Those who are having sensitive skin must take proper care of their skin. Otherwise they easily lead to usual dehydration  and red patches.

Winter season takes out the moisture from skin and makes to look the skin unhealthy and dry. Skin cracks will irritate in this season. If proper care is not taken, the skin irritation becomes high and it will trouble with itching and rash. Hence it will makes the skin looks rough and ugly.

Hence for every skin type, and to provide better moisture for every exposing skin cells we need to take proper care in this season. Here we brings some simple ideas to pamper your skin to get ready of dehydration  problems. Just go through them and fallow.

Precautions to take for normal to dry skin in winter season

Here are the best safety precautions to fallow to prevent our skin during winter. The tips can help a lot to secure the skin from spoilage. Just readout to know them and proceed fallowing to make your skin smooth in winter.

  1. Consume more fruits and vegetables

To prevent from cracks of skin, harsh skin problems eat more fruits and vegetables to keep up the moisture. Cooking the food with olive oil will offers essential benefits to the skin.

  1. Use Oil for Body

To heal the external chaps and dryness apply olive oil, coconut oil , almond oil , sesame oil before 30 minutes of bath. This prevents the skin naturally in this season.

  1. Clogging the dermal pores after bath

After taking bath the main thing one should do is clogging the dermal pores. One can do this by applying avocado oil, primrose oil and almond oil. These oils will help to keep the moisture for hours and hence your skin will be prevented from exposure to the seasonal tendencies.

  1. Use quality moisturizer/Petroleum Jelly to prevent Skin

Applying good petroleum jelly will helps to remain the moisture in skin and saves from itching, dryness and other worst things caused by winter.

  1. Use natural scrub for bathing

Using the soap will lets the skin more dry in this season, Instead of that you can use any bath powder with combination of yogurt.

  1. Add a bit essential oil to bathing water

If you are using soap in this season, chose the soap which is so mild on your skin.

Add a few drops of herbal oil, Tea tree oil for the bathing water. Hot water will cause for loose of moisture in skin . Hence you must use the lukewarm water for bathing.

  1. Make use of Vitamin-E Oils

Use the essential Vitamin-E Oils in  this season. Use only  glycerine and alpha-hydroxyl content moisturizes instead of water based moisturizes in this season to keep the skin freeze the moisture for long time.

  1. Cover yourself Fully

Cover fully in order to prevent from over cracks, flaking and itching in this season. Wear Socks , sweater, gloves and head cap to cover fully.

  1. Avoid Facials or Face Masks in this season

Avoid Facials and face masks in this season. Which will leads to takeout the moisture of skin.

Use Aloevera mask, which will works as an anti-oxidant and speed of the process of cell renewal. Which can interns known as an anti-aging agent.

Helpful Tips to be fallowed  for face to toe in Winter season

Winter is the season that makes the skin so dry and fragile. Everybody needs good care for their skin in this season. Especially some of the people will be having dry skin, they will suffer more in this season by getting more cracks and more wrinkles. They need to show the special attention on their body.  Here are some of the excellent tips to take care of your body from top to bottom particularly for winter season.

  1. Use a sunscreen to prevent skin from exposure

Apply sun screen lotion in this season to prevent from effects of sun. If you are staying more time in the outside then apply sun screen lotion frequently to take care from tan , itch and dryness.

  1. Skin nourishment Creams

Apply good skin nourishment creams to protect the skin. Vitamin A and E creams will help the skin glow and will works as anti-aging agents on the skin. Take necessary precautions especially in this season to keep your skin glow during winter.

  1. For soft hands

Take 1/2 a piece of lemon and squeeze it in a bowl and add 1/2 spoon of sugar to it and use it as a scrub for hands to let the skin soft. And also apply rich moisturizer after taking the bath

  1. Hair care in winter Season

Apply lukewarm coconut oil on the scalp and massage gently before an hour of taking the shower. After that wash with mild shampoo. By doing like this the hair will get essential moisture in this season. Otherwise the hair will become dry and lifeless. .

  1. For Cracked Heals

During this season the heal cracks will disturb the most. To get rid if this soak the feet in a hot water tub for about 15 to 20 minutes and clean with pumice stone gentle after that apply any crack healing cream and wear socks to cover up them during the night time. By doing this regularly for a week you can get rid of cracked heals.

These are the most essential tips to be fallowed during winter season. Most of us are sufferers of this season. Hence we can stay protected from this season by fallowing these ideas to recover the skin from itch, rash and over dryness.


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