June 14, 2021

10 Outstanding Make Up Tips No One Ever Gave You Before

10 Outstanding Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

You don’t have to stand in front of the mirror for hours to look your best! It’s all about knowing yourself, your physical attributes, features and personality well. Once you have an understanding of yourself and your wants, personal grooming becomes effortless and quick.

To understand and utilize the basics of make up and use it to its full potential, you need to know your face shape; whether round, oval, or square. The shape of your eyes, length of your nose and shape of your mouth too! When you know these aspects, then you’ll know what needs highlighting and what needs coverage.

Always remember these principles!

  1. Before you apply any make up on your face, it’s important that you cleanse and moisturize your skin. This will set the base for a smooth and polished look.
  2. Understanding your skin colour and tone is a must for choosing the right foundation. If you have a yellowish skin tone, then use yellow base foundation.
  3. Deeper the tone that your skin is, the deeper the shade of blush you use. The right colour on the face can brighten the face instantly.
  4. If you have good skin, then skip the foundation and just use an under eye concealer and accentuate with compact for your face. You can use your blush as eye shadow as well to balance the colour tone on your face.
  5. Do your lips with a colour from a similar family as your blush, for a more natural, classy look.
  6. For a fresher and younger look, use gel liner. It gives your eyes a softer, smoother finish, eliminating the need for eye shadow altogether.
  7. Remember, it is the eyebrows that frame your face, and hence, they should be well-groomed at all times. Never let the outer end of the eyebrow droop as it can make you look older.
  8. For a photogenic look use highlighters! They work wonders over the bridge of the nose and brow area. Use your finger to blend it evenly.
  9. Aubergine and Green eye pencils look gorgeous on Indian eyes and can liven up work-tired eyes instantly, for the night.
  10. Bronzers bring out a glow on the face. When applied on the forehead and cheeks they help give a healthy look in an instant.


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