May 6, 2021
10 Tips For Weight Loss

10 Tips For Weight Loss

10 Tips For Weight Loss

10 Tips For Weight Loss

Losing weight is all about taking few calories in, and pushing out more calories through some sort of workouts or diets. Most of the weight loss plans fail to give promised results and even brings some side effects with them.  Instead of putting on weight and running for gyms to reduce that gained weight, it is better to take prior precautions.  Following simple tips will reduce all your worries about weight loss.

The following tips will help you keep your body in right weight.

  1. Jot down your intake for a week:

Maintain a dairy and jot down what you are eating.  Date each entry you make.  Consult it every day and monitor your progress.  Studies found that, people who maintain dairies with updated intakes will reduce their intake up to 15 percent compared to people who don’t maintain any such stuff.  Be more conscious on weekends.  Because, a study by University of North Carolina found that people will more likely consume extra 115 calories on a weekend.  So, it is suggested to cut down the top-ups, sauces, drinks, alcoholic beverages, oily snack items to escape from those 115 extra fat calories.

  1. Mission weight loss:

Make weight loss your primary goal.  It is not possible for human mind to stick onto something for a long time.  At the same time, it is not impossible for human mind to stick onto something if they are determined to do it.  Maintaining positive thoughts is the way that leads you to your desired goal.  Try to repeat positive thoughts like “I can do”, “I can work out”, “I can lose weight”, “I can stop myself from eating high calorie stuff” to yourself.  Thinking the same thought most of the time will help you to reach your goal quickly.

  1. Only take water after breakfast:

When you are having breakfast, take a glass of orange juice along with it.  But, restrict yourself throughout the day from taking any more of orange juice.  Stick to water all the day instead of orange juice.  Recent studies prove that an average American consumes about 245 extra calories from soft drinks which make about 90,000 calories in a year or 25 pounds.  And another research found that, despite being high in calories, soft drinks won’t make the person feel full like other foods do.

  1. Reduce your quantity of meal:

Reduce your amount of intake.  If you are taking 4 meals a day, reduce them to 3 and if you are taking 3 to 4 glasses of orange juice reduce one glass from it.  Doing this will help you from cutting down 100 calories a day which will ultimately reduce the 2 pounds weight you gain in a year.

  1. Be conscious when you are watching TV:

When you eat while watching TV, you will forget what you are eating and how much quantity you are eating.  A study if 76 undergraduate students found that, whenever they watch television, they eat something and most of the times, the quantity is huge.  So, be conscious when you are eating while watching TV.  Or, replace your not much deserving to watch program with a walk.

  1. Cleaning day:

Make a day as cleaning day.  If you are workaholic, then it is the best tip to reduce your weight.  Assign yourself with work like cleaning floor, windows, bathrooms, and washing your car.  It will cut down about 4 calories from a 150 pound person for every minute they spent on cleaning.  If you choose to scrub, doing it for 30 minutes would help you reduce 120 calories which is equal to any high calorie food.

  1. Replace junk foods with healthy foods:

Junk food may taste good and may satisfy your soul when taken.  But, they will bring lots of calories into your body when taken.  Junk foods mainly consist of foods which are deep fried in oils and high calorie unhealthy foods.  The intake of such foods will not only causes weight gain, but also disturbs your stomach.  So, it is advised to replace those unhealthy, high calories junk foods with healthy ones.  The foods that come under healthy section are fruits, raw vegetables, juices etc.

  1. Colour blue for control:

Blue is a colour which acts as a suppressant of hunger.  If you have observed, in restaurants most of the cloth decoration used will be in blue colour.  The table cloth, the plates, the dressing of servers everything almost consists of blue as the main theme.  So, make sure you dress-up in blue when you are planning for a heavy dinner in a restaurant or at home.  Along with that, avoid red, yellow, and orange colours in your eating place.  It is found that they encourage you to eat more.

  1. Face the mirror while eating:

A study found that, if we eat facing the mirror, it will reduce our amount of intake to one-third.  Mirror is something that reflects our own side and of course our own bad side.  When we look ourselves in the mirror while eating, it will reflect back your goals that you set for losing weight, which will obviously reduce your intake of food to half.

  1. Take a walk for every two hours:

People sit for hours before computers without noticing anything happening around them.  But, it is suggested to take a walk for every 2 hours for about 5 minutes.  It will not only help them to reduce their calories, but also helps them to relax their muscles and body.  Take a brisk walk for five minutes for every 2 hours period of time.  2 minutes for every 2 hours will make a total of 20 minutes of walk at the end of the day which will effectively work on your weight loss.

These are the weight loss tips that you need to follow to reduce your weight.  Instead of wasting your valuable time on gyms and diets, it is suggested to incorporate these tips in your daily lives so that they will save you from weight gain.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article about weight loss.  Please make time to comment in our comments section.


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