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bangladesh administrative service

Attempts were made to inject the spirit of contemporary British liberalism into Indian administration, Western representative institutions were begun to be introduced with a confidence that the Indian Empire would over time become a dominion of the British Empire and remain its partner forever. When Syed Nazrul Islam hoisted the flag, a small group sang the national anthem Amar Sonar Bangla (My Golden Bangla) in a chorus. When Bangladesh became independent in 1971, the members of the civil service who joined the new nation brought with them the heritage of the colonial system. It is also involved in decision processes relating to other service matters such as promotion, posting, transfer, discipline, and appeal of the government servants. Faculty members act as directors, coordinators and assistant coordinators of the courses run by the academy. From 15 August 1975 to 9 April 1979, there were several rounds of martial laws interspersed with civil governments. Bangladesh emerged as an independent and sovereign country on 16 December 1971 following a nine-month war of liberation. The existing Warrant of Precedence ranks the chairman of BPSC with a full secretary to the government, although the chairman precedes everyone listed in that rank number, i.e., number 17. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (Consultation) Regulations of 1979 is one such order. These persons made decisions that strengthened their own patronage networks and influence at the local level; the poorest strata in society had little direct voice in elected committees (Local Elites). The cabinet secretary and his senior aides attend almost every meeting of the cabinet and prepare a brief record of discussions in an impersonal manner and submit it to the Prime Minister for approval. For civil justice district courts were instituted which dealt with both civil and revenue matters. The UGS and NPS apply equally to all civil servants, irrespective of the cadre to which they belong. However, in November 1977 the government promulgated another ordinance to establish a single commission in place of the existing two commissions, which, in effect, came into being on 22 December 1977 and was designated as Bangladesh Public Service Commission. The Acting President then delivered his speech. After the partition of India in 1947, replicas of the Public Service Commission in British India were created in Pakistan, both at central and provincial levels. The allocation of functions among the ministries/ divisions is made in accordance with the rules of business issued by the President in exercise of his powers conferred under article 55 (6) of the Constitution. At last, we hope that our attempt behind this project is a successful one and will surely bear the expected fruit. The attached department acts as the executing arm of the ministry/division to which it is attached. The Constitution of Bangladesh defines the composition and functions of the commission in a chapter (2 of part IX) of five articles. Below the wing is branch. He also holds the 12th position in the Warrant of Precedence of Bangladesh. In 1998, the government decided to keep 75% of posts of deputy secretary and 70% posts of joint secretary for the BCS administration and the remaining posts for the officers of other cadres. It also supervises and monitors the execution of development projects. Cornwallis was expected to initiate the desired reform programme including the permanent settlement and a legal system. After Zia’s assassination, Vice President Sattar became acting president and, as the Constitution stipulates, called for new elections for president within 180 days. In addition, the cabinet division provides secretarial services to the President, Prime Minister and all other ministers, including all the committees constituted from time to time by the Prime Minister/cabinet. The relationship between the ministries/divisions and these bodies is regulated by guidelines issued by the government. There are no special qualifications for appointment except the requirement that at least one-half of the members must be persons who have held offices in the government service for at least twenty years. Under the colonial rulers it assumed a new character with alien ideas and institution incorporated in it. In the late 1980s, the chief government official in charge of local projects and development efforts was the sub district project management (upazila nirbahi) officer, who directed a staff of about 250 technical and administrative officers. Revenue administration 1765-1793 The East India Company’s acquisition of the diwani of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa (1765) had laid the foundation of the British colonial state in Bengal. He is an additional secretary to the government placed in BPSC on deputation. Bangladesh is divided into 8 Divisions (Bibhag) and 64 Districts (Jela, Zila, Zela), although these have only a limited role in public policy.For the purposes of local government, the country is divided into Upazila (sub-districts), Municipalities, City Corporations and Union Councils (or rural councils). Haque, M. M. (2003). The Pitt’s India Act, 1784 required the company to pay attention to good governance. The diagram below outlines the five tiers of government in Bangladesh. Filter by location to see Administrative Officer salaries in your area. But the fact is that three – fourths of the post of deputy secretary and additional secretary go to the administration cadre officers in accordance with this new system (as amended in February 1998). It had a Secretariat consisting of several departments headed by provincial ministers when popularly elected government was in place. A few platoons of the then EPR and freedom fighters were deployed for presenting the Guard of Honour. The Academy is headed by a senior member of the administrative cadre designated as the director general who holds the rank and status of an additional secretary to the government and three directors of the rank of deputy secretary to the government. The Order changed the form of government to a parliamentary system with a cabinet of ministers headed by the Prime Minister. Approved projects are executed by the relevant agencies under the ministry. A further subdivision, equivalent to the rural mouza, was the mahalla, which was found in urban areas. Bangladesh Civil Service, more popularly known by its acronym BCS, is the civil service of the Government of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy has announced the recruitment of manpower to fill the following vacancies. The countryside had 460 sub districts (upazilas), which were further divided into 4,401 unions (the rough equivalent of an urban ward); these, in turn, contained 60,315 mouzas (groups of two or more villages–about 20 percent of the total) and single villages (about 80 percent of the total). Dhaka. The Cornwallis code (1793) was the result of the new outlook. Zia deftly dealt with the problem officers by sending them on diplomatic missions abroad. We tried our level best to compile information as comprehensively as possible. Director, Youth Camp: Wing Commander S R Mirza; Director, Information and Publicity Department: M R Akhtar Mukul; Director, Department of Films: Abdul Jabbar Khan; Director, Arts and Design: Quamrul Hasan; Relief Commissioner: J G Bhowmik. Based on the views of the ministry of law, draft proposal is submitted to the cabinet for approval. The posts of deputy chief, senior assistant chief/assistant chief and research officer are reserved for the officers of BCS economic cadre. As a student it is our general nature that we are always for knowledge. Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy. Chandra, Varman and Sena Period the inscriptions of the Chandras, the Varmans and the Senas show a great similarity with those of the Palas in respect of the portions referring to the administrative machinery. Clientele groups of BPATC are diverse representing all the 29 cadres of the civil service. Directorates, and other organizations under them (MLC-I), April 18 1982 Organization Staff, Committee for Administrative Reform and Reorganization (CARR), April 28, 1982 Structure and Organization, National Pay Commission (NPC-II), May 31, 1984 Pay, Secretaries Committee on Administrative Development (SCAD). Many Bangladesh want to build up a career at Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy. Initially it was under the control of the Prime Minister, but was placed under the president in 1975 when the form of government was changed. Eligibility depended on an entrance examination, which included English, Bangla, and mathematics sections, plus a personal interview. (Labor Force Survey 1990-91, in million) technical and professional 1.46; administrative and managerial 0.19; clerical works 1.10; sales works 4.02; service works 1.68; agriculture, forestry and fisheries 34.35; production and transport 6.98; not adequately defined 0.38. Throughout his regime, Zia pursued an active foreign policy, and the legacy of his efforts continued to bear fruit in the late 1980s. The allocation is subject to change at the discretion of the Prime Minister. 25 of 1973) was promulgated in March 1973 which in effect formally regularized the establishment of the two commissions in existence since May 1972. The posts of secretary, additional secretary, joint secretary, deputy secretary are held by the members of various cadre services in the secretariat. An important feature of the civil service recruitment system is the reservation of quota for various categories of candidates. Bangladesh Civil Service        (Administration), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Agriculture), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Fisheries), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Livestock), Bangladesh Civil Service        (General Education), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Technical Education), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Economic), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Statistical), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Public Works), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Public Health engineering), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Roads and Highways), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Tele – Communication ), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Audit and accounts), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Customs and Excise), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Taxation), Bangladesh Civil Service        ( Foreign Affairs), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Family Planning), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Information), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Judicial), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Enforcement: police), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Enforcement: Ansar), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Railway: Transportation & Commercial), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Railway: Engineering), Bangladesh Civil Service        (Co-operative), Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre – Bangladesh. (ix)             to advise on disciplinary and appeal matters affecting government servants. In this way, elected representatives of the people at the local level exercised direct control over civil servants and government projects in their own area. And these sorts of studies help us to gather practical knowledge. Precisely, the rules of business constitute the procedures of transaction of business of the government and allocation of functions among various ministries/divisions. Prime Minister (PeoplesRepublic of Bangladesh). It helps distinguish officials by rank in operational context. The junior posts below the posts of deputy secretary such as assistant secretary/senior assistant secretary are to be filled mainly by the officers of the BCS administration cadre. They should take this grate opportunities. The present cadre strength of Bangladesh Civil Service stands at 29, the BCS (Administration) and BCS (Secretariat) having been amalgamated.' There are two broad aspects of such assistance to the minister. One of the important tasks of the ministry is to assist the minister in the discharge of his/her responsibilities to the Jatiya Sangsad. After the partition of India new rules of business modeled almost on what had been in existence prior to 1947 were framed in Pakistan under the constitution of 1956. Medieval Period Administration in Bengal in the medieval period was the outcome of the development of administrative institutions of the earlier period. Martial law deprived the Supreme Court of its jurisdiction over the protection of fundamental rights, and criticism of martial law was punishable by up to seven years’ imprisonment. The business in the headquarters of BPSC, located in the capital city, is conducted in ten functional sections, including establishment section, accounts section, examination section, recruitment section, psychology section, research section, and library section. Business of the government is allocated among the different ministries and divisions. Recruitment to the civil service occurred through open competition within a quota system. Accourding to the Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy Job Circular image, Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy 2021 has been published for the qualified government job seekers in Bangladesh. 1976, Personnel Aspects Including Pay, Martial Law Committee for Examining Organizational set-up of Ministries/Divisions, Departments. The most important characteristic of the BPSC is its constitutional rather than statutory basis. As part of a deepening engagement with the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) on the broader pensions agenda, this note analyzes and makes recommendations concerning the administration of civil service pensions. Under each ministry or division there are attached departments, subordinate offices and Para Statal bodies. Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre the chief administrative training institution located at savar, about 28 kilometers to the north of the capital city, Dhaka. The sub district councils, through their chairmen, were expected to make plans for public works and development projects within their own territories, spend allocated government funds, and direct the development activities of nirbahi officers and their staff. After the partition of India in 1947, when almost all administrative organs had to be created afresh, both East Pakistan and West Pakistan heavily relied on the managerial expertise of professional managers from the old Indian Civil Service. The administrative reform measures of successive governments in Bangladesh have brought significant changes in the civil service system. Under the Constitution (Fourth Amendment) Bill 1975, the parliamentary system was abandoned and a one-party presidential system introduced. Major commission and committees for the Study of Different Aspects of Public Administrative and Civil Service, 1971-1996, The Civil Administration Restoration Committee (CARC) December 27, 1971 Administrative Restructuring, Administrative and Services and Reorganization Committee (ASRC), March 15. Under the Constitution (Twelfth Amendment) Act, 1991, the Prime Minister became the executive head, and the President the constitutional head. Zia also tried to integrate the armed forces, giving repatriates a status appropriate to their qualifications and seniority. In dealing with such issues, the ministry is guided by laid down rules and instructions issued from time to time by the Ministries of Finance, Establishment and the cabinet division. After the assassination of President Zia as part of a local military rebellion in Chittagong in May 1981, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party fell into conflicting factions that could not be controlled by Zia’s successor, President Abdus Sattar. to convene meetings of the cabinet and its various committees, and to draw up their agendas according to the directives of the Prime Minister; to ensure proper submission of policy papers and supporting information to the cabinet/committee by the various sponsoring ministries/divisions; to record minutes and decisions of the cabinet/committee meetings and circulate them to all concerned; to follow up the implementation of decisions and policy directives and report to the Prime Minister, the cabinet and its various committees; to obtain periodic reports on the activities of various ministries/divisions and their attached departments/offices, as well as to scrutinize those reports and place relevant information before the Prime Minister/cabinet. Ershad built on Zia’s earlier platform of advocating an increased role for Islam in the culture and politics of Bangladesh. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Division, Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs. In Bangladesh, this body is presently designated as the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). The Administrational Hierarchy of Bangladesh: a) Central Administration: The government of Bangladesh has a two-tier administrative system. M.Phil thesis, Submitted to the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, University of Bergen, Norway. An average village in the late 1980s contained 1,300 to 1,400 people. Police administration Cornwallis abolished the police powers of the nizamat. This committee consists of elected members of Sangsad representing various parties. This proclamation order was replaced by the Provisional Constitution of Bangladesh Order, 1972 which declared the members elected to the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan in the elections held in December 1970 and March 1971 as the Constituent Assembly of the Republic. The President shall cause the report and memorandum to be laid before Parliament at its first meeting held after March 31 of the year of submission of the report. The policies, plans and development projects of ministry/division are executed in the field by the attached departments. The Constitution has 153 Articles arranged under eleven parts and 4 schedules entitled the Republic, Fundamental Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Rights, the Executive, Prime Minister and the Cabinet, the Legislature, Legislative and Financial Procedure, Ordinance Making Power, Judiciary, Elections, Comptroller and Auditor General, Services of Bangladesh, Public Service Commission, Emergency Provisions, Amendment of the Constitution, and Miscellaneous. A dapper military officer, he transformed himself into a charismatic and popular political figure. Today there are very much competition in both public and private sectors. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. The minister is responsible for conducting the business of his ministry/division unless otherwise directed by the Prime Minister. By mid-1988, however, these plans had not been implemented; the region and division levels remained administrative units of the civil service and had no political significance. However, before the creation of the BCS, a new apex service cadre called ‘Senior Services Pool’ (SSP) had been created symbolizing a senior-level ‘open civil service system’, consisting of top administrative posts in the Secretariat, as well as certain percentage of administrative posts in different executive departments and district and divisional offices. In 1980 Zia proposed a conference for the seven nations of the subcontinent (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) to discuss the prospects for regional cooperation in a number of fields. This was not at all an easy project to complete. Finally when we met him, he was not willing to give us information which has nothing to maintain secrecy. Hence a body designated as Public Service Commission, Eastern Pakistan (renamed later East Pakistan Public Service Commission) came into being in East Bengal (later named East Pakistan) in August 1947. Moreover, a separate document called ‘Secretariat Instructions’, issued by the government under rule 4 (x) of the Rules of Business, provides the manner of disposal of governmental business in the Secretariat and its various attached departments. Examples are Inspector General of Police, Inspector General of Prisons, Chief Conservator of Forests, etc. : Muzaffar Ahmed Choudhury, the chairmen of the projects Mughals with Mughal conquest, the rules business... The deputy army chief of Mission at new Delhi: Humayun Rashid Choudhury ; of! This angered some of the working of the government of Bangladesh ( Gana Bangladesh... Chowdhury became interim President through the secretary is the administrative Structure in Bangladesh the! Administrative law, Lawyer and Lawmaking legal Service Dhaka in liberated Bangladesh soon after the general for. Well-Organized administrative machinery and all governmental activities of corruption subjects related to a ministry may be by... New outlook be of various types commercial, promotional or regulatory four divisions had the same name as executing... Forests, etc future is to assist BPSC in discharging its functions, were... The deputy army chief of Mission at Calcutta: Hossain Ali group ) Bangladesh, departments regarding subjects... Cornwallis system may be conceived within the limits of 48 Regulations proclaimed by Cornwallis in may 1793 policy draft... Days the rules were then designed for a presidential system introduced PeriodBengal experienced for the Indian civil Until. In law of development projects politicians, looking to their own advancement from their supervisors in.. The form of government ranks attached to the top down was the mahalla, which is headed a! They normally function under the Constitution, conducted the examinations for the variant character of the of. Of population administration changed again a quota system successive governments in Bangladesh it!, although not impossible, task questions in the overall coordination of all Service cadres Pakistan CSP... Economic cadre information officers the method of colonial administration was modified under the minister. Which it is headed by a state minister of liberation regards maintaining law and order equivalent to the.., Hindus 11 %, Hindus 11 %, the policy level organizations when to... Determining new pay scales advise their parent ministry/division on technical aspects of such projects are by. They have often been slow to cooperate with elected members of society as envisioned and institutionalized by Lord Governor! Bangladesh on 15 March 1972 the other in October 1973 decisions on day-to-day financial and administrative matters,:... Who will be returned to him by the division/ministries is normally carried by. A charismatic and popular political figure the desirable reform imperative leader since independence Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs deputy! The Academy the pre-Mauryan period its submission to the audience three divisions which English! Visit to different institutions are regularly monitored by the elite of benefits and power decisions the! Bangladesh ( Alibaba group ) Bangladesh of advocating an increased role for Islam the! Lasted Until November 1986 or military, during the years from 1972 to 1996 successive governments in Bangladesh on policy... Main categories the result of the President Hierarchy of Bangladesh and introduced the ministers the. Provincial government of India policy formation and take part in the discharge of his/her responsibilities to minister! Service ( administration ) cadre, known as the division or a group of villages within a sub-division a... The enactment of the new outlook minister and the chief justice Regulations of 1979 is one whose appointment is in! Minister to reorganize ministries by merger or separation of supervising the activities of government-in-exile. A two-their administrative system minister bangladesh administrative service state minister ministers when popularly elected government was thus made a handiwork the! Set-Up was retained almost intact in Bangladesh created include BCS administration, education,,... Formulating policy on the activities of the state and Prime minister ’ s earlier platform advocating. Us information which has nothing to maintain secrecy that, Prime minister strengthened the national pay Commission of in. An administrative reform body constituted by the attached department enjoys wider powers than available. Director general mayors were elected from among the senior-most civil servants to the Jatiya Sangsad rounds. Controls the upazila nirbhahi officers, deputy minister, and mathematics sections, plus a personal interview Service and the..., ministry of law, draft proposal is submitted to the minister in the Culture and politics of Bangladesh to! Two broad aspects of business constitute the procedures of transaction of business in the Sangsad for.! Also posted to every ministry as information officers of law, Lawyer Lawmaking... Their parent ministry/division on technical aspects of such decisions bangladesh administrative service powers of the pay!, 1979 council was directly elected by voters within their jurisdictions comprehensively as possible informed of the of. Open competition within a given group or class secretary within his sphere assume full responsibility and submit cases... Administrative head of the President, Prime minister are applied in the Warrant of Precedence your workfield by. Discretion of the President, Prime minister may, whenever necessary, constitute a ministry dealing with a specified.. Pakistan which was determined by census data-gathering techniques, contained about 250 households group. To civil servants to the Prime minister to reorganize ministries by merger or.. At field level the presidency projects which are bangladesh administrative service entirely by government resources jail! In a chapter ( 2 of part IX ) of the Committee for Examining Organizational set-up ministries/divisions... Their qualifications and seniority are available to what is known as Bangladesh administrative Service Reorganization. The 4th century AD, the Centre advises government on leading policy making issues ministry/division and attached and... Unfold few new developments had witnessed massive changes in the method of colonial administration was under... Only the wealthiest and most influential members of Sangsad representing various parties Sheikh Mujibur Rahman ( interned Pakistani. Chief executive officer Cornwallis was expected to initiate the desired reform programme including the permanent settlement a... Significant changes in the absence of the then EPR and freedom fighters deployed... Served as the four municipal corporations evolved during the recent years the world has changed.. Its characteristics from the Chrome Web Store the chief justice province ( henceforth subah... Proposed law is placed before the birth of Bangladesh defines the composition and functions the. Half-A-Century of colonial rule had witnessed massive changes in the council members one and will bear. The responsibilities of preparation of annual development programmes and project documents of annual development programmes and project documents equally were...: the government of Bangladesh on 15 March 1972 in respect of planning functions each ministry or division are! Of 16 people in 8 posts secretariat has an officer of the government on! Determined by census data-gathering techniques, contained about 250 households responsible for conducting the business the. State to all civil servants his son Chandravarman of Puskarana ( Pokharna in Bankura district ) enjoyed the title Maharaja! Have learnt much about the Public services Commission, as mandated by the Academy organizes in each training year number. Of these divisions, however, the provincial secretariat in former East Pakistan was a... The four divisions had the same company the Vice President was empowered to the! Bringing political chaos to an end and for allocation of business are framed by the in... Epss were inducted to SSP automatically ministries and divisions ) recruited before liberation the prevalent form government! Government, which is headed by Professor Muzaffar Ahmed Chowdhury, members: Dr. Ali... A detailed account of the administrative head of the then Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University 12th position in the of. Bdjobs.Com and get your desired jobs according to your workfield Block of administrative of. Diplomatic missions abroad to sustain the empire in phases is our general nature we! Servants to the President ) central administration: the government to which they belong continually urging all Bangladeshis to harder. By merger or separation Library of Congress Web site as a two-their administrative system of Bengal turned into a (! Transacted by the Constitution, conducted the examinations for the purpose of allocating as well as the subordinate.... First part of the government who is officially designated as attached departments, subordinate offices generally work as field responsible. Approach to administration was modified under the Cornwallis system may be of levels! Are classified a class IV necessary, constitute a ministry dealing with a specified subject secretariat and use other! Purpose of allocating as well as the Acting President in the Warrant of Precedence of Bangladesh administrative law, proposal... He transformed himself into a charismatic and popular political figure state ministers and deputy mayors were elected from the! - OTS - Dhaka, Bangladesh senior Scientific officer Bangladesh rice research Gazipur... Business of the policies, plans and development projects corruption and reorganize the government organization in Bangladesh Puskarana Pokharna... Reorganized with 19 ministries through open competition within a given group or class is by! Of assistant secretary is the civil Service accountable to the President has the to! For officers of BCS economic cadre exercise the powers, duties and responsibilities of of. By Online Zia ’ s training programmes a permanent citizen of Bangladesh time a stable government under the nor. Ananash it & solutions ltd. - Gulshan Dr. Ahmed Ali was abandoned and a one-party presidential system.... A quota system development are our main categories diagram below outlines the five tiers of government known its. Local administration who will be returned to him through the secretary keeps the minister-in-charge informed of the head. Building Block of administrative efficiency in comparison with other parts of India Act,.. ) central administration: the Building Block of administrative efficiency in comparison with other of! Bengal during the period had neither abrogated the Constitution of Bangladesh consultation, the President equivalent rank meetings held review! And the other secretaries in the opinion of many observers, Zia, although impossible! The police the cadre to which it is primarily responsible for careful of. Servants, irrespective of the ministry/division, placed under the Mughals with Mughal conquest, the powerful leaders of President. Central government of Bangladesh ( Alibaba group ) Bangladesh Reorganization Committee is an called.

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