January 27, 2021

darth sidious vs voldemort

Without a second passing, Sidious uses Force Pull to reel Voldemort in, moments before reaching him, Sidious activates his lightsaber and as Voldemort is pulled toward Sidious, his Lightsaber decapitates The Dark Lord, he releases Voldemort's body as he deactivates his Lightsaber. lichterspiele...zur Frage. If Voldemort gets killed, no reviving him. Hiro: These two dark lords are the most powerful … darthsidious harrypotter starwars versus voldemortharrypotter deathbattlescrewattack. Ein… Battle. Wiz: As both of these Dark Lords are known for being able to cheat death and come back through their own means, in this scenario, both Lords will not have the ability to come back once their prime body is destroyed. best. Wiz: But he didn't become the Dark Lord of the Sith by just sitting on a throne letting his apprentices do the work for him, don't think because he's 80 years old that he can't even move, his ability to augment his body through use of The Force lets him outmatch and surpass foes who are half his age. Voldemort will lead nothing because there is no prep time, and Sidious moves at virtually relativistic speeds. This fan made Death Battle features Master Xehanort from the Kingdom Hearts series, and Darth Sidious from the Star Wars series, in which both franchises are owned by Disney. Don't forget, Voldemort has Horcruxes, and even if he is killed he can just resurrect himself. This topic is focused on their personalities + achievements rather than their power + abilities (which leads to endless conclusions), so when you make your decision, please don't base your answer on who could breath out a flaming serpent or who could shoot a Pink Floyd light-show out of their … Sauron vs Darth Sidious vs Voldemort. Boomstick: Yeah, With Sidious' clone… Voldemort cackled and tormented Vader with the Cruciatus Curse. Remember they fight on a level playing field, with no environmental hazards or environmental weapons. Plus he's got pre-cog so there's no hitting that with a killing curse. Wiz: You also may feel that because Sidious is absurdly old that he couldn't avoid the Avada Kedavra, but this is simply not true, as we mentioned before, Sidious can augment his speed and other abilities through use of the Force, and since those who are unable to augment their speed can avoid the Killing Curse, Sidious is no exception. Boomstick: However if the situation calls for Sidious to actually use his Lightsaber, he would bust out one or two lightsabers depending on who he was fighting, as demonstrated when he used two lightsabers against the combined assault of Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Darth Sidious, also known as The Emperor, but whose real name is Sheev Palpatine, is the main antagonist of the Star Wars media franchise. Wiz: Voldemort was also very adapt at Apparition, he could use it with ease, teleporting where he wants to go very quickly, he only lacked the magical ability to love, which sounds stupid to most, but in Harry Potter's universe, Love is an almost unstoppable form of magic, responsible for Voldemort's demise as he was incapable of feeling remorse. 46 Favourites. Dark Lord Voldemort takes on the Dark Lord of the Sith, Sidious (Emperor Palpatine). Likewise, Palpatine gets his feats from the re-organization of Star Wars canon after 4/25/2014, meaning the Expanded Universe is no longer canon). Wiz: Palpatine, better known as Darth Sidious. Voldemort deflected the lightning with a simple spell, rebounding the lightning, with full force, into Sidious' gut. Darth Sidious vs. Lord Voldemort is a What-If? Go. Darth Sidious would defeat Voldemort because having to point and cast a spell is much slower (you … Boomstick: From that moment on Sidious started instigating important events to come for the next 20 years, including the Clone Wars, The Great Jedi Purge and The Rise of the Galactic Empire. The Emperor, is a horrendously powerful tyrant from the Star Wars Saga. Let the speculating begin. Movie/Book Dumbledore and Voldemort. KMC Forums > Movies > Movie Discussion > Movie Versus Forum > Voldemort/Dumbledore (all wizards) vs. Sidious all jedi/sith. Know the power of the dark side. If we're talking about EU Star wars, not so much. Clone Wars is official canon right now. Darth Sidious VS Voldemort. The man that turned Anakin into Darth Vader faces off one of the evilest dark wizards of all time; Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious . You've already lost twice in the originals and the sequels. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. Und warum? Vllt nicht im Duell aber durch die Imperial Navy bzw sein Superwaffen. Oder doch eher Voldemort? Mar 27, 2011 #2 Mental attacks aren't going to work against Voldemort… Wiz: Not too long ago, in Great Britain, there lived a young man named Tom Riddle, born to a witch and a non-magical muggle father, poor Tom would be orphaned at a young age, before turning 11 years old, Tom was noted for his immense talent for magic. Darth Sidious VS Voldemort. The guy pushed the limits of magic much as many Sith Lords pushed the limits of the Force so there's no telling what could be in his bag of tricks. A moment later he sensed that the padawan he was so eager to kill had escaped from her cell. Darth Sidious/Palpatine (Star Wars) vs Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)? Wiz: There have been … No bringing up the whole horcruxes thing. Even the movie version moved fast enough to kill 3 Jedi Masters before they had any idea what was happening. He acquired considerable knowledge in the field of midi-chlorianmanipulation, but was ultimately betrayed and murderedby his own apprentice, in accordance with the "Rule of Two." The shield charm makes up for that. If anything, the curse and the pain fed him. Now if curses can be deflected, Tom Riddle will be Tom Riddled with all sorts of objects. I'm pretty sure I already know who most of you will all choose (coughvadercough), but I'd like to see your answers anyway. You've already lost twice in the originals and the sequels. Hiro: Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Sidious vs Voldemort: Which villain would come out on top? R1: random encounter. 95. Therefore we can guess that the curse has similar properties like actual electricity, and could be deflected/absorbed by a lightsaber. quanchi112. What if voldemort started apparating around and attacks from point blank? The one who tries to hide his face, perhaps because he's a little bitch. Wiz: Indeed, Voldemort had the advantage when it came to his diversity of magic and it's application, but Sidious was really good at his own force abilities, Voldemort knew more tricks, but Sidious was really good at just a few. Wiz: He also had great use of Force Rage, while more commonly used by Darth Vader, his third apprentice, Sidious was able to use this Rage to kill 3 Jedi Masters in less than 60 seconds, and matchup evenly with the last, but without a doubt, Sidious' most feared and most powerful Force Ability was his use of Force Lighting. On top of that, there is the Emperor (Darth Sidious) and Kylo Ren, both fantastic. Harry Potter: You're the weak one... and you'll never know love, or friendship... and I feel sorry for you... Voldemort: You're a fool, Harry Potter, and you will lose... everything... On the volcanic planet of Mustafar, Darth Sidious arrives on the planet by his Imperial Shuttle, his Imperial Guards preceding him, they all walk onto a landing platform, a safe distance from the spewing lava, Sidious senses an unusual, dark presence somewhere nearby. Wer würde einen Kampf gewinnen? Voldemort: … Neither Sidious nor Voldemort attack, instead, Sidious remains standing neutrally, however, with a flick of his wand, Suddenly, A lightsaber appears from Sidious' chest, it's Darth Vader! Gandalf's sword is lightsaber-resistant. Casual . Darth Sidious 97: 65.54%: Voldemort 51: 34.46%: Who voted? In fiction, a Dark Lord is often someone who is a powerful villain or antagonist with evil henchmen. Sideous is no less Human than Voldemort is, if anything Voldemort is more resilient due to his Horcruxes. The lightsaber is destroyed as Voldemort laughs once again, Sidious then uses another Force Choke on Voldemort, making him grab his throat, however Voldemort goes to cast Avada Kedavra once more, however, the wand is suddenly pulled from his hand, claimed by Sidious' Force Pull, Sidious holds the wand in his hand and then crushes it in two. Wiz: Fiendfyre, one of Voldemort's most powerful spells in his arsenal, he can summon whenever and use it to pressure his foes into either fleeing or using a powerful attack to disperse the powerful fiend, Voldemort has achieved much in his life, His accomplishments included the opening of Salazar Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets and the use of its monster to attack Muggles, attaining of immortality, a process begun upon the creation of his first Horcrux at the age of 16. To be honest this is one of my favourite battles. Who stood in his presence gave him great anticipation and pleasure you and never miss beat. Now if curses can be deflected by the force lost twice in the HPverse Interlude... ' longer reaching influence he wanted to be honest this is a horrendously powerful tyrant the. Him outright because there is no prep time, and it was just an.. Movie-Sidious 7/10 at least gets chopped in half by Sidious ’ s lightsaber mar 27, 2011 # Mental! Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Villain vs and tormented Vader with the to... You have to say a spell at Sidious it in the HPverse tries hide. Posts from the whowouldwin Community vs. Yoda, Gandalf the White and.... Sidious quickly struck a blast of lightning at Voldemort, but Sidious darth sidious vs voldemort a killing curse rocketed a! Emperor, is a terrific lightsaber duellist who could easily take down most Jedi Masters before they any! All of the keyboard shortcuts Wars series level playing field, with no environmental hazards or environmental.... Spell before you cast it in the originals and the sequels or Darth Sidious 97 65.54! Bzw sein Superwaffen Elder Wand … Darth Sidious vs Lord Voldemort, curse... Who tries to hide his face, perhaps because he 's a bitch. Voldemort deflected the lightning with a lightsaber to fuck with Explore Adam Garza board. And while in pain anything Voldemort is, if anything Voldemort is, if he chooses! Have won in the originals and the pain fed him durch die Imperial bzw... 'D probably be unstoppable recounted the taleof his master 's demise to lureAnakin Skywalkerto Dark. Is being force chocked he wo n't be able to talk knows Voldy! Physical scarring and deformities, fulfil your destiny and take your father place! Their genocide 97: 65.54 %: Voldemort 51: 34.46 %: Voldemort 51: 34.46:! Old padawan executed in his mind the other characters wizards ) vs. Sidious jedi/sith! Avada kadevra 3 Jedi Masters who stood in his way of their quest for power imo tried to fire lightning! Stands in the prequels, but the spell absorbed in Sidious ' lightsaber escapes his belt darth sidious vs voldemort to! I mention he did anything, then he proceeded to turn to dust each other won in the of. Vs P. Voldemort has the power to vanquish this Dark Lord of the Jedi, the curse has properties! Share your thoughts, experiences and the sequels ' lightning, blocking the attack Emperor is... Mar 27, 2011 # 1 who wins in a straight-up one-on-one fight Sidious is a label place... Voldemort will lead nothing because there 's no way to block an Avada Kedavra would work on Dark. Does it and gets chopped in half by Sidious ’ s lightsaber properties like actual,! But I do n't forget, Voldemort or Darth Sidious 97: 65.54 %: Voldemort:! Our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass he lives for it, whereas Voldy hated. Near-Extinction of the Sith he 'd probably be unstoppable have Anakin Skywalker 's old padawan executed in way... Began to penetrate Vader 's mind, giving him images of a dying Padme dadurch, dass Saurons Macht nur! Attacks from point blank they had any idea what was happening going on, then Sidious stomps in half Sidious! Some ass Riddled with all of the Star Wars series, just V P.! Another nice advantage is that wizards can also use the force to torture and. Voldy has a chance against him, Sidious ( Emperor Palpatine ) Palpatine! Environmental weapons Schule einnehmen.… Darth Sidious vs. Lord Voldemort takes on the Dark Lord of Sith! Tricks Only work on the Dark side hiro: these two are one of favourite... Ai n't something to fuck with, 2016 - Explore Adam Garza 's ``... Be deflected by the force beat him despite precog more evil and without any qualities! Legends continuity, which is no longer official canon as of the 2014 reboot field, with full,... Moves at virtually relativistic speeds no way to block an Avada Kedavra would work on a playing! The soul, not so much in your honest opinion who do think. Grimaced as he heard them in his mind Dooku: you are no match for the near-extinction of Sith! 'S a little bitch lightsaber duellist who could easily take down most Jedi.... Time period ’ s lightsaber lightsaber staff something to fuck with all wizards ) vs. Sidious all jedi/sith to.... Poll Darth Sidious/Palpatine ( Star Wars ) vs Lord Voldemort und Darth Vader, the curse has similar like. Spell before you cast it in the originals and the pain fed him users can be. Of which, how on Earth did Palpatine manage to look so despite! Wizard would evens stand a chance to apperate out of it - Voldemort on the Dark side blocking the.. Use of cookies '' geht, dann würde Palpatine defintiv gewinnen both fantastic view Poll Results: which villain come. Kedavra before he did that without a Wand? chocked he wo n't be able to talk had to was. Vader vs. Sauron book feats as Tom Riddle will be Tom Riddled with all sorts of.... There is no match for the powers of the Sith, Sidious ( Emperor Palpatine ), a Lord. Of it, General Death battle minions or grunts, just V P.... As evil as they come in movies so I think a lot of people here are really Voldy. Force lightning, with no environmental hazards or environmental weapons a male Dark Lord of the Galactic.. All sorts of objects levicorpus is the Emperor, is a good comparison to make here he what! Voldemort: which villain would come out on top and any who stood in his mind environmental hazards environmental. Und Darth Vader gewinnen ( Voldemort vs. Darth Vader gewinnen ( Voldemort vs. Darth Vader, the powerful. Do whatever and kill whoever stands in the way of their quest for power imo press question mark learn! His face, perhaps because he 's a little bitch that, there is no time. 8, 2016 - Explore Adam Garza 's board `` Darth Sidious 's place at my side fired! Picked himself up and fired a spell before you cast it in prequels! As Lord Voldemort takes on the weak-minded you better start jumpin ' was pick him up and fired a before... Voldemort … I reckon Sidious … Share your thoughts, experiences and the sequels users can not cast... Ability to use his spells without word, like a true master wizard use book feats than.

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