May 13, 2021
Makeup Tips

3 Infallible Celebrity Makeup Tips

Infallible Celebrity Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

We follow a celebrities every move. Their makeup, clothes, accessories and shoes! We want what they have.

Have you ever tried on your favourite celebrities trade mark makeup look? It didn’t come out right? You can tell yourself that it is because they have been blessed splendid beauty. That is not true. They are beautiful but not without flaws. Their lifestyle of high stress and erratic schedules is bound to show on their looks.

How do they look so perfect all the time then?

The secret behind their beauty are their extremely talented makeup artists. No matter how naturally beautiful a woman is, a little makeup goes a long way in lifting her skin’s texture and hiding flaws for a perfect look. But this can only be achieved when done right.

Celebrity Makeup Tips and Secrets

1. Perfect the Imperfections:

Religiously following a perfect CTM routine will prevent acne and bump most times. Not always. Every once in a while they will crop up leaving behind ugly marks and scars.

Most of the celebrities reveal that they put on a concealer before and after applying foundation. This helps cover scars and marks better. Our very own Kim Kardashian is said to use concealer after applying the foundation. This, as she puts, is to hide those under eye dark circles that she so hates.

Make sure you invest in a good branded concealer and foundation. Say goodbye to imperfections and uneven skin tone.

2. Contouring Is The Mantra:

How is that most celebrities have such beautifully structured cheek bones, nose and forehead?

It is the magic of makeup! The trick here is to use lighter shades to highlight one’s facial features. Plus using darker shades on the sides of nose make it appear less prominent.

Using triple shades on cheeks can make chubby fat cheeks appear lean and sleek. For example, use a light shade highlighter on your cheekbone areas, a pink blush on the apples and dark shaded rouge on the hollows. This is one of the most popular makeup tip followed by most of the celebrities.

3. Focus on Eye Makeup:

Eye makeup plays a crucial role. And it is difficult to make it last longer. Most of the celebrities reveal that they use only powder eye shades to prevent creasing for a long time. But if you must use a cream eye shadow, make sure you blend it with the same coloured powder shade. Investing in good eye makeup brushes will bring out a perfect and classy eye makeup finish.

Do not forget to curl your eyelashes before applying mascara. This will help give a beautiful and dramatic look. Apply three coats of mascara to make your eyelashes thicker and give time intervals between every application, making sure that the first one is dry.

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Now that you know these basic celebrity makeup tips, go on and try one the next time you step out to party. Apart from these tips, it is extremely essential for you to understand your skin type. For instance if you have oily skin, you must invest in matte-finish cosmetics and use primer before foundation without fail. If you have dry skin, you should focus on prepping your skin with the right products.

Finding the right shade is another essential tip to get the look right. So make sure you look for expert advice while selecting the right shade of foundation.


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