May 13, 2021

5 Great Free Android Apps That Do Amazing Things The iPhone Can’t

5 Great Free Android Apps that do Amazing Things The iPhone Can’t

Free Android Apps

It’s been quite a while, Android fans, however one of your most loved arrangement of repeating posts is at long last back. A year ago, we occasionally set up together records stuffed with samples of incredible Android applications that highlight usefulness the iPhone just can’t coordinate. The iPhone is a fantastic cell phone, yet there are a lot of confinements in Apple’s iOS biological community that essentially don’t exist for Android application engineers, and here we can commend a percentage of the applications that sparkle especially brilliant.

Presently, this arrangement is back by well-known request and we’re kicking things off with five especially clever Android applications. Also, did we say that each of the five applications on today’s rundown are free?

  1. Commandr

Add commands to Google Now, no root required!

As Included on CNET, LifeHacker, SlashGear, Android Police, Android Power, Android Focal, Droid Life, Android Group, Android Pit, and the sky is the limit from there!

Google Now Just Got Better

Presently you can utilize Google Now to control your electric lamp, switch settings, control music playback, and considerably more!

Google Now Just Got Personal

Include your own particular custom charges through Tasker to verify your gadget fits your way of life.

Listening to You

Vote on new summons or recommend new ones with the goal that we are chipping away at including the orders you need.

Improving Quickly

Try not to sit tight for Google! Upgrades will be speedy and bolster demand reactions snappier.

Unify Your Smartphone

Get to all the highlights of your gadget through Google Now so you don’t need to recollect what application does what.

Setup and Forget

When you setup Commandr, it will dependably be open from Google Now and will just run when required. It won’t ease off your telephone or your boot.

  1. Dislock

Dislock (some time ago Stone Locker) makes utilization of the gadget manager Programming interface to control your lock screen. Appreciate utilizing your Android without a lock screen when your Stone watch, Android Wear, chose Bluetooth gadgets or WiFi systems are joined and the security of a lock screen when you leave, bringing on your gadgets or systems to separate.

Utilizing one trusted gadget at once is free. More than one trusted gadget requires an in application buy of $2.99 USD

Dislock bolsters bluetooth gadgets that keep up a steady association with your telephone and appear in your rundown of matched gadgets and also Android Wears. It doesn’t as of now bolster bluetooth low vitality gadgets, for example, Fitbits.

Dislock won’t dodge applications, for example, corporate email that require your gadget to have a pin, on the off chance that you utilize an application that obliges a pin or secret word on your gadget, Dislock won’t work for you. Dislock will likewise not evacuate the pin or secret word on encoded gadgets. Dislock does not bolster example locks.

  1. Message Scheduler

This message scheduler or sms scheduler is programmed scheduler that permits you to send instant messages taking into account times and dates set later on. At whatever point that date/time comes this scheduler will sent message consequently.

More Options:

  • Ability to send messages using your Voice
  • Ability to send messages to groups
  • Ability to import from template when scheduling message
  • Ability to export to template when scheduling message
  • Ability to save as draft
  • Manage Groups
  • Manage Templates
  • History of sent and delivered messages is available
  1. Twilight

This clever application will naturally conform the tone of your telephone’s presentation to make it as agreeable as could reasonably be expected to peruse at distinctive times amid the day.

Is it true that you are experiencing difficulty nodding off? Are your children hyperactive when playing with the tablet before sleep time? It is safe to say that you are utilizing your PDA or tablet in the late nighttime? Dusk may be an answer for you!

Late research recommends that presentation to blue light before slumber may contort your regular (circadian) musicality and reason failure to nod off. The reason is the photoreceptor in your eyes, called Melanopsin. This receptor is delicate to a slender band of blue light in the 460-480nm territory which may stifle Melatonin generation – a hormone in charge of your solid slumber wake cycle

In exploratory logical studies it has been demonstrated a normal individual perusing on a tablet or advanced mobile phone for two or three hours prior to sleep time may discover their slumber postponed by about 60 minutes.

The Nightfall application makes your gadget screen adjust to the time. It channels the flux of blue light discharged by your telephone or tablet after dusk and secures your eyes with a delicate and lovely red channel. The channel force is easily acclimated to the sun cycle in view of your nearby nightfall and dawn times.

  1. Peek

The iPhone’s notice framework in iOS 8 is superior to it ever has been some time recently, yet imagine a scenario where there are a few things you’d like to change. In iOS, that is impossible. With Android, on the other hand, the sky’s the utmost and Look is an extraordinary case of what’s conceivable.

This application is a complete overhaul of the known “Peek” include by ParanoidAndroid venture, based to chip away at any 4.3+ ROM. The entire idea lies into permitting clients to rapidly collaborate with their notices, without needing to press any catch. The new outline incorporates more honed typography, more pleasant arrangement of the things, stunning new impacts and developed usefulness (counting boycott). It chips away at secure bolted gadgets, with the capacity to alter what data to show.

How peek works:

When you get a warning, and screen is off, look will begin surveying your sensors. On the off chance that some development is identified on your gadget (possibly it was on a table and you lifted it, or it was in your pocket and you got it out), look will demonstrate. Sensors will be surveyed for 10 seconds (as a matter of course, adaptable) and after that it quits doing as such, to spare battery. It is unrealistic to mimic the conduct of gadgets like the Moto X, without influencing battery, since they have extraordinary equipment for the assignment.

Pro version unlocks:

* Power on notifications.

* Reverse gestures.

* Screen wake up.

* Detection type and polling time.


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