May 13, 2021
Tips for Caring Your Curly Hair

5 Mandatory Tips for Caring Your Curly Hair Naturally

5 Mandatory Tips for Caring Your Curly Hair Naturally

Naturally Curly Hair

Curly hair!!!  Having a curly hair is like a “Blessing in disguise”. Even though it is good to look at, maintaining it is like taking care of a naughty kid. Many problems arises while maintaining a curly hair. The biggest con of having curly hair is that it won’t grow too long.  Even though it grows it is way too difficult to hold it tight without applying oil.  Curly hair without coming along always brings a frizz along with it. The major wrongdoer that raises the frizz are dehydration and friction. It is unfortunate that curly hair is born to be dry.  The preventive measure for this is to hydrate it time and again. Usage of wrong products will make the curls more and more frizzed.

Friction is a big no-no for curly locks. If you are a person with curly hair then you will know it better than anyone that more you touch your hair, the more it gets frizz. Avoiding doing such things will help you protect your curly hair to some extent. So without any further delay, let’s get into the main stream of how to transform your curls. I got 5 mandatory tips for caring your curly hair naturally. So, let’s start it without any count.

1. Use only sulfate-free shampoos

Sulfate is an ingredient that is present in almost all the detergents, oven cleaners, engine de-greasers and unfortunately in most of the shampoos too.  Sulfates create suds.  They are very effective in cutting grease.  But using them on curly hair will strip it of the lubrication.  So, this time when you shop make sure to buy a sulfate-free shampoo.  Give more attention to cleansing your scalp in circular motions.  Don’t scrub your hair, concentrate only on your scalp.  The shampoo you have used is enough to cleanse the scalp,  midshaft and ends.

2. Detangle curls with conditioner in the shower

After you are done with cleansing, apply conditioner to your curly hair. Let it sit on your hair for a while and continue with your doings. Before you  wash off, comb your hair using your fingers or wide tooth comb. This will help to protect your hair from breakage. After you are over with conditioning and detangling, stand under the shower and let the water flow on your hair smoothly. Then rinse out the conditioner slowly.

3. Never use a terry cloth towel to dry your hair

Never use a terry cloth towel to dry your hair. Use a microfiber towel or your old t-shirt to dry your curls. Terry cloth towels turns the curls more rough because of the presence of Velcro in them.  Don’t rub your hair too harshly. Do it smoothly and steadily. Use the microfiber towel in an upward motion, taking away the water into the towel. This way, you are drying and helping to flatter your curls at the same time.

4. Sleep on a satin or sateen pillowcase

Keeping your pillowcase smooth is one of our mandatory tips to be followed to maintain a healthy curly hair. If you  have a flannel pillowcase make sure to donate it. The more smoother the pillowcase is, the more you are protecting your curls from friction”. The less friction it is, the more prettier curls look.

5. Get your hair cut by a stylist who specializes in cutting curly hair

There are two companies that are ruling the roost in the world of curls. They are Deva Curl and Ouidad. It is not that easy to cut curly hair for everyone. Hair styling done by a professional and a normal stylist shows vast difference between the hair. You better go for the best option if you want to keep your head high with your lovely curly hair.

In this “Mission curly hair” make sure you follow your mission every day. Because, when you are on mission there won’t be any vacations.


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